10 Voices

Heard these “a cappella” guys the other night in a quaint little church in Brewster
and I gotta tell ya, they can sing.
10 guys.
Absolutely amazing voices.
And they sing in tune!
Click on the cover above to go to their website.
Wanted to include a link to buy one of their CD’s but nothing was available.
If you like what you hear, send them an email and maybe you can pick one up.
Their name is The Hyannis Sound.
I’ll be returning by early next week.
I think.
Once again, I sincerely thank you for all the comments.
Check out one of their vids below.


9 thoughts on “10 Voices

  1. lord…this is good stuff!

    if you click on the cd cover above, then click on “discography,” it shows each cd they’ve produced….there is a brief description with a “purchase it here” link at the end. {a bit hard to detect the color change, but it is a link.}

    the website it links you to is a-cappella.com

    thanQ for sharing. they are truly talented.

    love and peace,


  2. It’s not often when singing makes my soul vibrate. If I were sitting in that church, I’d be fighting with myself to keep from singing along with them. Hope you are enjoying your time off, Michael. 🙂


  3. Thanks for sharing…..I went to the website and heard the song, ‘Signed, Sealed, Delivered….Wow! They are fantastic! I love
    sitting with my eyes closed, listening to ‘a cappella’. The talent is immeasurable.
    🙂 Lynn


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