Summer Break

I’m taking a bit of a break this week.
I desperately need to re-charge my archaic batteries.
Trust me, I’ll be back with you by weeks end.
I’m just currently really burnt out.
There’s nothing remotely decent in the creative cerebral hopper.
Time for some reading.
Later gators . . .


btw– I sincerely thank you all for the comments on the Cerulean Blues post.
I promise to respond to all sometime during the week.

11 thoughts on “Summer Break

  1. I love those two pictures above! The one with the boat looks like it may be really hot, though, with mosquitoes. The one with the chairs looks like there may be more of a breeze – much more pleasant.

    Hope you read something good!


  2. Michael-
    You deserve a break! Hope you, Pam and the girls get to enjoy some chillin’ time!
    Go for the Guiness!
    The pictures are great….I wish I was in one of those chairs right now!
    🙂 Lynn


  3. Me too, I really gotta get organized before I head back to working full time nights next week. This blog thing is addicting. But, I look forward to your future posts, you always make me laugh ya nut! Relax and enjoy!


  4. i can relate. sometimes we need a break to just recharge and get some fresh ideas. this blogging thing can get intimidating once in a while. like it’s expected, and that takes the fun out of it. you’ll be ok. just relax and enjoy some “you” time!


  5. I’m back folks and thank you all for the comments.
    I read some good stuff, drank some great beer and smoked some awesome cigars.
    Kinda sad to go back to work actually.
    Ah, well. . .
    Things should be getting back to normal by mid-week.
    Thanks again.


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