5 thoughts on “What if . . .

  1. You know, I love ’em, but Dunkin’ Donuts rates #2 in my eyes. And no, the KK is not #1. It’s the Shipley Donut. It’s more honey sweet than sugary sweet, compared to the KK, and both are served warm. But the Shipley has a pillowy softness to it that cannot be rivaled by any other donut in the world. Pure heaven.

    When you mention “pillowy soft” and “donut” in the same sentence I just have to believe you. :0)


  2. Oh my, this shot is priceless!!
    I mean you couldn’t ask for a more perfect, “Wow look at that” moment.
    DD are deadly.
    But oh so heavenly.

    I have an addiction to their coffee. I have to have it shipped to me because I don’t live near one. I also have little coffee elves I sent out every now and then to gather stock.
    Great post.

    Amazing the stuff floating around the net. :0)


  3. Y’know, I’d always wondered just what it was that Jesus and the Disciples (gee, that sounds like a good name for a band, doesn’t it?) ate at the Last Supper. Now we know. Thanks, Mike.

    -Dr. Gerhardt von Kruller


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