Last week I visited the WordPress forums because I was having some difficulty with uploading my blog’s header.
My problem was resolved promptly but for reasons unknown I hung around and responded to several posts regarding the machinations of the WP software.
I’m no BlogGod by any means but I feel I know WordPress fairly well enough to offer help.

While surfing the forum I came across a post titled, “If there’s a God, remove I CAN HAS CHEEZBURGER” (ICHC)

Fascinated with the uber-long thread of comments, I left one of my own.

In a nutshell, some bloggers are a bit “cheezed off” because this bad burger has been the #1 rated Top WordPress Blog ad nauseum and people wanted to know why.
And with good reason, I should add.
It’s a somewhat lame blog.
Different strokes, different folks, I guess.

The Cheezfest was set straight by several bloggers, Raincoaster being one of the WP forum angels to weigh in on the {oh no!} controversy.

RC is a frequent poster on the forum so if you’ve been there looking for advice, chances are you’ve seen the name.
I decided to check out the blog and have to say it’s very impressive.
I blogrolled and was pleasantly surprised to find my blog linked as well.

Raincoaster mentioned a site to me in light of the ICHC brew ha-ha called LOLNIN.

Turns out LOLNIN is a parody of sorts of ICHC using Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails as the blog’s main focus versus the sickeningly adorable cats on ICHC.
And believe me, I love cats but this site . . .
In order to completely appreciate the sheer brilliance of LOLNIN
you must first sadly visit ICHC .

That’s tonight’s assignment, folks.
And please at some point visit Raincoaster.
No crap, just a really cool blog with an even more awesome name.
Tell them ‘sneaker‘ sent ya



9 thoughts on “I CAN HAS LOLNIN.COM

  1. that stupid bloody cheeze thing is just that….stupid!
    maybe they pay to keep it there? can’t think of any other reason!
    went visiting by the way…but me being me, i’m just lurking at the moment 😉

    I know, huh? The lolnin site is a bit of payback in my eyes.
    ICHC is VIP hosted explaining their #1 rating.
    Money may not buy happiness but it does buy many unique visitors.
    Now Moe, tell me how you really feel. 😉


  2. I thought it was there because it had so many visits. Aren’t we making it worse by clicking on the link to it? Do they pay for that spot? I’m going to have to go read the thread about it.

    I went there a long time ago because I finally decided to see what the heck it was. I’m ashamed to admit that I laughed pretty hard at some of the pictures and captions. Some of them I just plain didn’t understand.

    Look on my sidebar for a site called “Stuff on my Cat”.
    To me, this is the original “funny” cat site. The other one just doesn’t do it for me.
    And yes, ICHC pays money for the VIP hosting.
    I’ll take LOLNIN anyday.
    Thanks for the visit, Mrs Flipphead


  3. Hey all,
    Glad you like the site. It seems to entertain, which is kinda the point.
    Eventually this lol_X meme will die, (to be periodically resurrected every few years), but with such a rich vein of lyrics and pop-culture references to mine, I’m hoping lolnin has a few laughs left in it yet.


  4. Pahahaa! Althouse at blogspot just posted about ICHC last week, and what is the appeal that made it such a success. I just don’t get it, either. But I’m not a cat fan. But LOLNIN is another thing altogether! I love it. 🙂

    LOLNIN is freekin awesome.
    Check out Raincoaster’s Goth site. Hysterical. Talented lady.


  5. Alright, I thought ICHC was kinda cute, actually. In small doses. But I’m an incurable sentimentalist.

    That said, LOLNIN is hysterical. I particularly liked the Harry Potter spoof.


    Check out the GOTH site at LOLNIN. Hysterical.


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