5 thoughts on “On the Inside

  1. I bought that little card and gave it to my hair dresser after she cut my hair because I looked so good! I came into her shop look’n like a little kitty and left look’n like KING OF THE JUNGLE. Hey, I’m on vacation for 16 days and was wondering if you could keep an eye on my blog too Guinness? Ha! Ha! Ha!


  2. I do think that Guinness does think of himself as fearless as that lion. He struts around like he is “King” of this jungle that we call home. It is amusing to watch him take over a window sill from Sherrlock who is twice his size or give Opus the boot off the bed.I like it best though when he surveys the land from the top of the stereo speaker. I’m won’t tell him that he is actually more like SImba and not “The Lion King”.


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