I’m taking a bit of a breather this weekend because of work.
I am really out straight.
I’m handing the blog over to Guinness for a few days.
He’s picked out a few pictures for you since he’s a Bengal of few words.
He promises to at least keep you entertained.
I promised to help him with the titles.
His paws are too damn big for the keyboard.
See you next week folks.
Look for a catpost later this evening


4 thoughts on “Busy

  1. maybe he could post some updated photo’s of himself? i’m sure everybody would love to see him
    p.s LOVE the clouds…they look great!

    Gotta thank you, Moe for commenting. I thought it was something I said.
    Where the hell is everybody? 😎


  2. I see you took my suggestion of using your pets for guest blogging. Good idea. I look forward to his post. Take it easy.

    Mrrrr….meeeeeow. Mmmm. Mee…meowmw
    {thanks, Annie}
    He’s here


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