Here’s to hoping everyone has a safe and happy holiday.
Watch out for those drunk next door neighbors setting off fireworks.
Actually, while you’re watching them, take some video.
It could pay off in spades down the road.
Later gators,


* also got a Rockin’ Blogger Award courtesy of Bella
It came with this awesome Beavis and Butthead gif image
Thanks, Bella!

6 thoughts on “Four

  1. Maybe Pam will get some of you setting the lawn across putting green pond on fire 😉

    I counted on this comment, Gerard.
    Thanks for not letting me down. 😎


  2. Hey! No fair, you got a cool animated head banging gif. I want one too. 😆
    Happy Fourth my buddy. Hope yours is fun and easy. Eat too much, have too many cigars and own all the many blessings life has given you.

    Will do. Hope your day is wonderful as well.
    Off to Laho’s right now for a BBQ. . .
    later gator,


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