These aren’t really dirty little secrets just stuff you may not know about me.
I was tagged by Kim a few days ago and owed her for not getting on my ass about the poetry tag I blew off a while ago.
Please pay her a visit and tell her I’m honestly trying to do right here.
(Aside from the fact she has an awesome blog and is one hell of a great writer)
Here then, are my 8 (11) “secrets

  • Purple is my favorite color.
  • I would take a bullet for my wife and daughters any day of the week.
  • I can tell the difference between a Cuban cigar and a counterfeit.
  • Dated two women on the same night in the same place.
    (Yeah, I’m a humdinger. Just ask my wife.)
  • Eaten 12+ pickled eggs on a dare.
    (I think the actual count was @18 but that’s another story)
  • I wear a purple “MindStrong” bracelet on my right wrist for Alzheimer’s research and may wear it for the rest of my life. (obviously in memory of my mom and dad)
  • I have a dark side that no one will ever know about.
    (Unless I start writing fiction.
  • I make really amazing homefries. (once again, ask my wife)
  • I’ve never once made a disparaging comment about my wife in conversation. Ever.
  • I hate squirrels and try hard to flatten any grey furry-tailed creature brave enough to run in front of my truck. I’m still waiting for my first kill.
    (And the little bastards still owe me for about 500 bucks in birdseed)
  • I love shaving my coconut. The feeling of putting moisturizer on my skull afterwards is very close to absolute nirvana. Just ask my buddy Evyl.

That’s about it folks.
I have more secrets but I’ll hold you in suspense for now.
And yes, I drink directly from the milk carton at 3:15 A.M. after a trip to the bathroom.
Feel free to add a secret of your own in your comments.


9 thoughts on “Secrets?

  1. well i did leave some little secrets on annies, so let me see if i can find a couple more for you, but i’m nearly out cos i’m such a clean living, innocent little girl from the country..
    you have to sort about the fact from fiction though…annie wasn’t game to have a crack at that 😆
    i have a very dark side that has, at times, considered life simply isn’t worth the effort, no matter how much i am blessed with
    my ONLY regret in life is not being more honest with people about how i feel deep inside me
    i once dumped a dog on the side of the road
    i have had an affair during one of my marriages
    there you go…you pick 🙂
    i must add i’m not at all surprised to know you have a dark side..inside all of us lays dark things…it’s just that most choice not to admit it….

    but i’m nearly out cos i’m such a clean living, innocent little girl from the country..
    Reminds me of the Mae West quote: “When I’m good I’m very good, but when I’m bad I’m better. …”
    I kind of whimped out and went with random facts rather than really dark secrets.
    I will say you have a few decent skeletons there, young lady 😎


  2. You can title your book Secrets from the Dark Side. I’d totally read it! And now can I have some homefries?!?! Extra ketchup please.

    I really like that title and you can have homefries anytime you want to make a trek up north 😉


  3. Secrets define us in much the same way as our fears do, and in particular which secrets we choose to share and with whom…
    BTW, purple is also my favorite color!!!
    As for secrets, let me think on this for a while…
    Cheers, Kelly

    I’ll be waiting {tapping foot}
    Purple rocks


  4. i am not so sure this is a secret anymore, but hearing strings (violins, cello…) always makes me shed a few tears.
    this stirring of the soul first occurred whilst attending a james taylor show at tanglewood…yo yo ma {sp?} came out and accompanied james, and i burst into tears.
    phucking estrogen.
    other secrets? maybe i will post on my own blog. cold take up a page or two.
    l & p,

    Strings? I can understand that.
    Estrogen? Ayup. 😎


  5. Hmm, the only thing that surprised me was the two women dating thing. You devil you.
    As to your dark side – I’d like to see some of that fiction buddy. 😉

    One of the women was Pamela.
    Kind of funny thinking about it.
    I felt like I was trapped inside of some bizarre gameshow.
    As far as the fiction, you may have a wait . . .


  6. I’m with Annie. Let us be the evil syth (sp?) and pull you over to the dark side. Chuckle.
    I learned two things about you that I didn’t know, 1) favorite color is purple. 2) you shave your head. I’m not at all surprised about the love and compassion and respect that you have for your wife and family.
    Home fries though. I must ask is it odd that I leave your blog often craving ketchup?
    :). We let you slide years ago on the poetry tag. You’ll get a hankering for a haiku eventually though.
    Great post.

    Yup, bald as a cueball.
    And Haiku? God Bless you.


  7. i’ve only one question: were you drinking a lot of guinness when you were eating the pickled eggs? i thought so.

    Believe it or not it was the afternoon and I was stone cold sober.
    You would think I would have to be tanked, huh?
    I remember not feeling so well afterwards. Strange that I still love pickled eggs


  8. I absolutely LOVED these! bahahaaa! My fav. is the non-funny one, though, of never a disparaging remark about your spouse. What a great thing to be able to say! (Sounds like my dad, actually.)
    Thanks for the smile today, ~m! 🙂

    Welcome Melanie.
    Have a beeeyutiful day.


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