Don't know much about graphology

Found a cool way to end the weekend.
Click on the scientist-type guy above and take a handwriting analysis test.
It’s short and sweet and won’t take much time.
Be sure to wait for your results.
If they’re anything like mine you’ll laugh your little keester off.



8 thoughts on “Don't know much about graphology

  1. This was so funny. I went back twice and answered differently just to see the presentation again, with different answers. Geez….I really needed this one this morning.

    I thought it was worthy of a quick post.
    Glad you liked it.
    Tanks for the visit.


  2. LOL – According to Mr. Science Guy I’m the life of the party, friendly, an extreme extrovert, caring, flexible, and also very cautious, shy, cold, callous, heartless, and immovable. It appears I might be a walking, talking, doodling contradiction. And I always thought my small handwriting just meant I needed paper with more lines. 🙂
    Thanks for the laugh, M.

    Science guys have been known to be wrong . . .


  3. that guy looks like he should be in a dim, dark dungeon somewhere, creating a Frankenstein type monster!!! 😆
    having said that, this was a bit of fun

    The guy cracked me up.
    Glad people seemed to like this.


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