Reverse Zeppelin

This one is just too weird.
Click the “Stairway to Heaven” pictured above and give a listen to a segment of the tune
played backwards.
I realize it’s all about interpretation but I still think it’s pretty frickin’ creepy.
Check it out.
Have a serene weekend folks.


4 thoughts on “Reverse Zeppelin

  1. I don’t normally click on these links because well . . dialup, ya know. But then again, you said LedZeppelin, so I HAD to . . and that was flippin’ craaaazy. Kinda sorta neat, but crazy.

    Crazy is right. Almost Urban Legend crazy . . .


  2. frickin’ creepy is right! but strangely, i played it 4 or 5 times…makes me wonder about my state of mind!! 😯
    where did you find this? you been stumbling again? 😉

    One would think it was a SU find but it wasn’t.
    Saw the link in a local paper and checked it out.
    Sometimes you get lucky, I guess


  3. Now I won’t be able to sleep tonight!!! That’s totally freaky. Once, when I was in Jr. High I went to this program that identified all the satanic references in music. The usual suspects were there, AC/DC, Zeppelin, The Beatles, KISS, even Linda Ronstadt. I couldn’t sleep for weeks. Now that I’m much older and wiser, I figure, listening to Christian music never made anyone a Christian, so certainly if this music is satanic, I probably won’t end up in hell. At least not for listening to this music. Since there’s no more vinyl, it kinda takes all this fun away!!!

    The death of vinyl will always be sad to me.
    I used to love my albums…except when I left them out in the sun
    Linda Ronstadt? Satanic? Say it ain’t so.
    Must have been her song “You’re No Good”


  4. Kind of funny that you wished us all a serene weekend with this as the send off. LOL. I wonder what would happen if they took 100 songs at random and did the same thing. Do you think they’d all have satanic messages in them? Or is it just the songs with lots of hard consonants? Like, what would “You Light up my Life” sound like in reverse? Or “You’re having my baby”? Thanks for the mind twist. I needed that. Better than coffee.

    Now I won’t be able to sleep tonight thinking about the Anka tune.
    Probably says something prophetic about offing Debbie Boone before she gets to record that abysmal
    song (that upon listening) makes me want to nuke a tank of goldfish.


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