8 thoughts on “That's Mr. Scratch to you

  1. Michael,
    That was fantastic! I love Mr. Bean……I also like Benny Hill! He’s gotta be my fav. little perv! Thanks!

    Hill was the best. The quintessential perv.
    And you’re welcome.


  2. i cannot tell a lie, i didn’t click…rowan atkinson, and in particular, mr bean, are not my favourites…it’s just atkinson…he’s one of those people that leave me cold….couldn’t stomach black adder either…sowwy 😦

    No worries, Moe.
    This little bit tickled my funny bone is all.
    Hey, we can’t agree on everything, right?
    What would we talk about when we finally sit down to a pint of Guinness? 😉


  3. I thought that was hilarious!!!! Got to watch it again….
    I didn’t get the “Toby” reference. Can you explain that please?
    The “small guillotine” and the “atheists” and “Christians” jokes made me laugh right out loud, yessirree!
    I shall have to refer my lawyer friend to watch this!

    I’m thinking the “Toby” reference is based on the origins of the name.
    Toby is a shortened version of Tobias which in Hebrew it means “God is good”
    Dry English humor is all it is.
    Let me know what the lawyer thinks.


  4. something tells me there won’t be a shortage of subjects….and a pint??? my god man, i could take a bath in a pint!! a-pop is into pints though…he’s yet to meet the man that can match him actually..could be an interesting drink

    Let’s get pouring . . . 😉 {hiccup!}


  5. I am usually not a fan of Rowan Atkinson, but most of what I’ve seen of him is indeed Mr. Bean and that one mostly just annoys me. This one on the other hand, I very much enjoyed. Good find.

    Glad it at least tickled the funny bone, SP


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