Father and Son

When we were father and son, the living was easy
More for me than it was for you, I’ve no doubt
Life changes and some boys grow into good men
while others mysteriously transform into wildfires; uncontrollable and dangerous but strangely beautiful, leaving in their paths of despair, black and charred earth

But sometimes, from that black ashen ground springs new life, emerald green, capable and bursting with hope

When we were father and son, little did we both know just how unprepared we were for the roads that lie ahead of us
But somewhere along the way we found the wisdom and grace to simply take care of one another, you and me

And we moved mountains, you and I
When we were father and son


And though I know you’ll never read this,
you mean the world to me, Dad
Happy Father’s Day – Mick


To Dads everywhere ;
May you be surrounded by all the people and things you love in your life.


12 thoughts on “Father and Son

  1. I wonder if he too has a poem inside of him that he says to himself about you. I think he does.
    Happy Father’s Day, my friend.

    I really like that thought.
    Thanks, Annie and I pray you’re right.


  2. ‘when we were father and son’ it has such sadness and joy in the phrase. i understand – why. bittersweet. hard to say i love you over the thunder of oblivion, yes?

    Hey Sarah-
    Regarding your comment, as my friend Mercurial Scribe once said, “Nail, meet head.”
    Very insightful and right on. Thank you.
    I’ll be by one of these days for a visit. {stop laughing Sarah} 😉


  3. you’ll always be father and son regardless michael…you never lose things such as that because you carry them in your heart….
    .i hope your fathers day is brilliant

    I’ll keep you posted on the day, Moe.
    It’s supposed to be beautiful in Boston so I’ll be slammed today.
    I hope the day is brilliant as well.
    Tanks . . .


  4. Happy fathers day to you all…especially you Michael.

    Thanks, Kel.
    Hey, you’re back again!? Coolbeans.
    I’ll keep an eye out for Zoe’s post next week.
    over and out,


  5. I do hope you are having a truly fabulous day Michael. Happy Father’s Day!

    I spent most of the day at work but had dinner out with the family.
    All in all, a nice day.
    Thanks for the visit, Jen


  6. Michael it’s beautiful for it is real. It is sad for it is real.
    I came here to wish you Happy Father’s day and reading this, I am reminded that no matter how happy we are, there will always be room for a little nostalgia. Kinda like the opposite way too, no matter how dark it gets, if one looks hard, there always is a silver or golden
    And for what it’s worth, you’re one of those incredibly human writers that not only manages to write from the inside out but also leads the way from the outside in. Thank you.

    Not too much I can say other than thank you.
    Comments like this one always make me smile knowing something I’ve written has really touched the reader.
    Thanks, SP


  7. Thank you for such a moving post. I sit here and think about my older son and your post has brought tears to my eyes.
    Happy Father’s Day.
    (I’m new here)

    Thanks, Rubyshooz. Stop by anytime. I love new visitors.
    Glad you liked the post.


  8. That was beautiful! Today I’m thinking of my older son as well….Although your dad may not read your words..I’m sure he can see into your heart! Have yourself a great day!

    I know he saw right through the white bag that had a huge eclair in it. 😉
    I sat with him yesterday for about 45 minutes while he demolished it.
    That he was enjoying it was more than enough for me.
    Thanks, Matty


  9. how beautiful!
    the two trees photograph is just perfect for your sentiment as well…..and, you STILL ARE FATHER AND SON….just a little role-reversal took place, is all.
    i have to stop coming by here. all i ever do is cry.
    also love the story about “the camp.”
    honestly, dude…you should just quit your day job and go GET PUBLISHED! you totally rock.
    love and peace,
    yvonne elizabeth

    Oh, Yvonne. Were it that easy I would have quit the day gig years ago.
    Here, take a Kleenex… 😉


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