Bless me father for I have sinned.
It’s been a week and a half since my last legitimate post and
these are my sins:

I’ve taken the Lord’s name in vain 10 times. In one post.

I’ve wished nasty things for the site “I CAN HAZ CHEEZBURGER” because I can’t for the life of me figure out why it’s a #1 Top WordPress Blog.

In a literary sense, I’ve maimed several characters.
And thoroughly enjoyed it.

I’ve timestamped old posts and hit “publish” {ooh, that one hurt}

I’ve even done a . . . a Paris Hilton post.
But it was a real small one.

I’ve been terrible at visiting people that visit me all the time. SLAM! {gavel} Guilty!

I’ve needlessly meme’d and posted YouTube videos and even quotes, the ultimate devices in total blog sloth.

And lastly, I’ve changed my template and header so many times the folks in the front offices of WordPress are worried I’m a looney.
And I think they may be onto something.

For these sins I am truly sorry.


I’ve been out of the loop lately.
Hannah graduated from Middle School today and life has been a bit hectic.
Give me a few days to play some catch up.
For an uplifting ending, Hannah was chosen as “Outstanding Musician” by the head of the Music department.
I almost started crying.
I’m just so damn proud of her.

15 thoughts on “Sins

  1. you? off for a few dozen hail mary’s and our fathers!
    hannah?…brilliant! just brilliant…you have more self control than me…i would have cried!
    i’ll mosey on over to her place and congratulate her 🙂

    You’re letting me off easy, Moe. 😎


  2. Oh Michael, care to join me in the naughty corner? To be honest I could do with the company!
    I mean I swore a week ago I would head on over to see everyone and am only just doing so now. I’m done with the sorry’s, and the excuses though. I don’t have time! But I’m here, albeit briefly and am thinking that at least you managed to post SOMETHING….I can’t even do that these days 🙂
    Miss ya buddy. I’ll try and be back over the weekend sometime..have a good one!

    Meet you in “TimeOut”, Kel… 😎
    So nice to see a comment from you . . . like always.


  3. Oh and WELL DONE HANNAH!!!

    She rocks!
    She’s actually at a dance at her new High School tonight.
    You’ll hear from her @ BananaDreams over the next few days.


  4. Great post, makes up for all those ‘where the hell is ~M’- thoughts that ping pong through our heads (you are lucky our heads aren’t made of concrete or the sound of the PING, PONG, PONG would have driven us insane).
    Hmm, one good thing about confessing first is that other sinners come out from the bush. I haven’t been around much either but unlike you I’ve been on angel missions and therefore don’t have to confess.
    (that’s my story and I am sticking with it 😉 ).

    Angel missions? I figured as much. {smiling}
    I like the PING, PONG reference too.


  5. Congratulations to both of you. 🙂 It’s hard not to get sappy, where our children are concerned.

    Very hard.
    I gave her a massive bear hug instead of crying.


  6. Oh how cool! For Hannah, that is. For you? Well, geesh, funny cartoon…
    You’ve changed your header so many times, i don’t even bother to comment about it anymore!

    You can comment on the header anytime you want.
    At least I’ll know if it’s appealing.
    I’ll be by for a visit later tonight.


  7. What a lovely confession for a good catholic boy such as yourself. Damn, I wish I’d have thought of it – now I can’t rip you off for the idea. Although, it does foster an idea. Maybe we should have Blogger confession day? LOL – that would be a hoot.
    I don’t worry about you – you always come back to us.
    Congrats to Hannah and proud papa too. I’m happy for you both.

    Pamela and I were on the deck last night and she said, “How about a blogger reunion?”
    How cool would that be? Logistically, it would be a friggin nightmare.


  8. Oh, ya just had to post a ‘lil bit about Paris, it’s okay! I don’t think any less of you 🙂 Ha! Ha! Ha! It’s good to know your blog takes a back seat to you daughter, that’s the way it should be! You are hilarious! Congrats to Hannah on her award! Toot your proud papa horn man! I just realized that’s a lotza exclamation points, sorry. (!)

    I like exclamation points. Point away!!!!!


  9. Great post, Michael! I loved it, and I wish I’d thought of it. Maybe Annie’s right, a Blogger confession day might be fun. 😀
    It’s nice to have you back and blogging again.

    Never really went away just a bit arid in the creative department these days.


  10. Thanks dad. I am proud of me too! 🙂 Hey just think of this as a test week of when my 14th birthday rears its ugly head in your life. 😉

    Oh, you have a way with words kiddo.


  11. ha funny. Great thing to do these confessions. I also do not understand the blog Cheezburger, I check sometimes and it leaves me speechless. You just go on as you do, nothing strange in your post, we all do those things now and again. Until we are holy holy, then we do not do them any more, or do we?

    Sometimes we slip.
    But usually friends are there to break the fall.
    I will NEVER understand CheezBURGER.
    Wordpress must have an enormous 12 to 14 year old constituency.
    Talk about juvenile…


  12. I’ve never heard of the Cheezburger site.
    How wonderful! She must have inherited her musical talent from you. She’s got a great role model. 🙂

    Tanks, Lass.
    Next time you log in, go to your dashboard and look to the right sidebar for a category called “Top WordPress Blogs”
    CHEEZBURGER has been there forever.
    I actually saw the URL listed in a Boston paper yesterday. WTF?
    I don’t get it.


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