Does anyone care if this broad rots in prison besides the media and her mother?
Ranky skank.



7 thoughts on “Immunity

  1. oh thank god she’s not Australian is all i can say…i feel for you guys though…she’s gotta be a total embarrassment surely?
    i have actually seen messages of support for this twit on boards around the net though…every last one of them HAVE to be bimbos i’m sure of it…

    You are lucky she’s not from DownUnder.
    She’s everything that’s wrong in society today.
    It’s harder to believe that anyone looks up to her.


  2. Bimbo had an interview with Barbara Walters. She said she is now ‘spiritual’ and wants to be a good mentor to young girls everywhere…….Hide your daughters!

    My girls think she’s a bim, too.
    I’m assuming it’s because they have functioning brains.


  3. i was so mad when they let her out after 3 imagine my sheer excitement when i found out they shipped her back and made her do all 45 days! it put a spring in my step i tell ya!

    Wasn’t is because she was without moisturizer or something?
    Oh, the horrors!


  4. Yep, take a look around. The society you live in wants it. The old 80/20 Rule!
    Think about that M`?

    As Steely Dan said, “Any world that I’m welcome to is better than the one I come from”
    Present day mentality is frightening.


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