The Death Clock

I got an email from my dear friend Laho the other night.
In the subject box it read: The Clock is Ticking!

Hmmm . . .

I opened the email to find a link to a site called The Death Clock, a cyberspacial destination for anyone wondering when they’ll be “re-formatted by God”.
I put in my information and was told that March 17, 2025 will be the day I get promoted to subterranean truffle inspector.

Those loveable folks at The Death Clock do offer some hope in the form of a ‘delay your death’ link, a possible out for anyone slated to buy a pine condo too prematurely than they originally anticipated.

I told a friend of mine about the site and he went immediately and began entering his information.

Imagine my surprise when he told me he died 16 years ago.
Ah, the internet still has its imperfections, doesn’t it?
Thank God.

I did begin reminiscing about my own reservation at the Chateau Eternity and how I never seriously think about that final day of de-animation.
It’s a morose thought at best but I will say there’s something oddly fascinating about spinning the dials at DC.
It’s bullshit anyway and if you take it seriously you’re crazier than me.
But it’s interesting.

March 17, 2025.
Saint Patrick’s Day, no less.

All I can say is I better not be in the middle of a Guinness.
That would be a tragic waste of 2 perfectly good Weight Watcher points.



8 thoughts on “The Death Clock

  1. OMG, a total waste of WW points! Where do you come up with this stuff? So, if I visit DC and I’m not happy with the date of death they crank out, I can just fill out a form and apply for another date to my liking? I just wanna make sure I have that “out” before I visit the site – BAHAHAHAHAH! You are so awesome! So entertaining! Thanks for making me laugh, I needed that!

    I’ve known about the Death Clock for sometime.
    And yes, if you visit and don’t care for the results I believe you can have a ‘do-over’.
    Crazy stuff out there, huh? 😉


  2. i’ve actually been to this site before…i’m told my demise will be sept 22, 2041…that will make me 84..personally i would have thought i’d be at least 200 given that only the good die young! having said that i’m not planning on letting it happen until i’m at least 250 so i think they could be full of shit, what do you reckon???
    p.s annie will NOT be impressed…isn’t st pat’s day her birthday?? or am i thinking of someone else?? am i getting on after all 😆

    It is Annie’s birthday. I thought of that too.
    Great day to be born but I can think of worse days to die.
    250? Here, here to your longevity.


  3. Well, you better not croak on my berfday or I’ll have to throttle ya! 😉
    I’m due just after Christmas in 2048. So I’m stuck with this fat ass for another 40 years. Talk about cruel. Jeesh! 😆

    You’re due!!!!? 😉


  4. just make sure you get up extra early that day and have your fill of Guiness before your time runs out!

    I started last night.
    Why wait? Hehe…


  5. Says I ‘m good till March 2 2025 so I’ll see ya on the other side M… just before you

    I’ll be the guy with the Saint Pauli Girls.


  6. Christmas Eve of 2037 for me. The Golden Years leaves a lot to be desired, anyway. But between now and then, I hope I’ll have many good years and a few books under my belt. 😉

    The Golden Years = The Adult Diaper Years
    You can keep those. 😉


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