Fat Bastard 31

Alright, I’m not really a big, fat bastard.
I just liked the title.
Actually, truth be told, I needed to lose a few pounds and signed up for Weight Watchers Online the other night after some prodding from my lovely wife.
If you’re not familiar with the website let me tell you it’s intuitive beyond belief and makes the job of ‘keeping track’ of all things diet-related a breeze.
I chose what they call the Flex Plan, a well thought out diet regimen that allows me to eat essentially anything as long as I count the points.
Various portions are assigned numbers based on fiber, calories and total fat.
My magic number right now is 31 if you haven’t already guessed.
I tally my food points to 31 and stop stuffing the big yap. Simple.
I was concerned about one thing when I began though: BEER.
I was relieved when I found out that no, I don’t have to give up my beloved Guinness.
It does, however, cost me 2 points a bottle.
I figure that gives me 15 bottles of the brown stuff a day and 1 point to be used judiciously for food.
I’m already lovin’ this diet, people.
All kidding aside, I’m going for it and will keep you all posted on my progress.
Look for my post with an ‘after’ snapshot in about 2 months (ala Jared the skinny assclown from Subway)
{the snapshot was Annie’s idea}
I’ll be holding an old pair of jeans in one hand and an advertising contract from Weight Watcher’s in the other.
Yeah, right.
If you’re interested in WW, click on their logo up above.
And if you happen to be a member of the Tufts healthplan, you automatically save ten bucks.
God, I’m beginning to sound like an Amway salesman.
I’m off to grab some schweet watermelon (1 cup= 1 point See? it’s easy).

Later gators,



7 thoughts on “Fat Bastard 31

  1. eggscellent! if you belong to the “F” word insurance {fallon}, they will send you 12 weeks of coupons FREE for meeting sites.
    being a vegetarian, ’twas easy for me to drop 28 pounds post-channing.
    i did, however, become a WW lemon cake junkie {1 point each…would eat 4 on the way home from work! LOL}
    good luck, friend. maybe they should re-name your version the “michael mc murphy’s flexible guiness plan!”

    I’ll send the folks at Tufts an email. 😉


  2. so where’s the before pic to compare the after pic with then? careful you don’t lose your love handles mikey
    good luck….you may even inspire me to lose a few unwanted pounds, of which there will be HEAPS if i don’t stop stuffing food in my mouth!!

    I don’t thing a before pic would do much good because I don’t think you’ll see a major difference.
    Maybe in my face, I don’t know.
    Look for something is a few months though.
    So far WW is working. I can tell.


  3. Great-I just saved a couple hundred bucks and will not need to buy that wide lens!

    Yeah, unless I start unexpectedly throwing back one too many pooftha rolls.


  4. Good luck, MrMichael. WW does work. I have done it in the past, and really, some days you wont even eat 31 points-worth of food .. or uh, beer. So yes, good luck! I wanna see an “after” pic with Speedos. Hahah!

    Ah, the good ‘ole banana hammock, eh?
    Not so sure about that one. 😉


  5. Aw you ain’t a fat bastad. Youse just pleasantly beefy, right?
    Good for you on taking the plunge – I started mine today – hmmm, must be that swimsuit season is just around the corner. hehe.
    Yep, I am looking forward to those before and after pics – make sure you find some really big fat pants at the thrift store that you can use. No one will be the wiser. Wink. Wiink.

    Pleasantly beeffy.
    Hmmm, I like that.
    Gotta hit the Salvation Army for the 46 inch waist Levi’s…


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