Bad Lyrics

I’ve heard some lame lyrics over the years and yep, here’s a site that actually lists the 20 worst of them.
Tickle the funny bone and click on Sade, the smooth operator up above.
Got a favorite rotten lyric?
Not that it matters, #13 & #4 kinda get me ‘achucklin . . .



6 thoughts on “Bad Lyrics

  1. For the love!!! There’s nothing like hearing Eminem referring to his “manhood” as a pee-pee. And these are the millionaires?!?!

    Bizarre, huh?
    Money can’t buy everything, I guess.


  2. i was thinking eminem, puff daddy and 50 cent should be at least 1 through 15….it’s really difficult for me to decide which is the biggest wanker…i would have thought eminem, but with only a “pee pee” i’m somewhat undecided now

    A pee-pee that goes ‘doing-doing-doing’ . . .


  3. excellent! thanks for the chuckle, m…..the one that really made me TMHBL {throw my head back laughing} was reader’s choice on john mellencamp: “suckin on a chili dog outside the tasty freeze…..” and their comment, “who the hell sucks on a chili dog?”
    can’t explain why, just couldn’t collect myself for a moment there!
    have an awesome day!

    The Melloncamp lyric is an absolute classic. lol


  4. Eminem has made me chuckle on more than one occasion because sometimes he’s so in your face on things (things you should never laugh at). Like the song (sorry don’t know the names) where he makes fun of Sonny Bono skiing, or the one with his daughter where he’s like, ‘there’s really nothing that can save me’ and she sings, “I think my Dad’s gone craaaaaazzzzzzy”. Sigh.
    Anyway, yeah 13 made me giggle a bit because of the comment below the lyric, ‘plants and birds and rocks and prouds’ from the Stipe lyric before it. America, good band, though. Are you a Neil Young fan? As in Buffalo Springfield, America, Crazy Horse, Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young, etc. etc. etc. kim

    America was good band. I could take them in moderation though.
    “Rocks and prouds” killed me.
    I’m still laughing aover that one.
    Neil Young? I fall into the CS&Y camp.
    Young is a talented writer I just don’t personally care for what he does solo wise.



  5. Hey there M~. I haven’t had a chance to check out the lyrics, same as I haven’t had the chance to read and comment on your last batch of entries, life is a little out of control, good though, just busy.
    Anyway, just wanted to say ‘hi’ and I’ll be back soon. SP

    Anytime you stop by Spaz is fine.
    I’ve been lax on visits lately myself.
    I have no time!!!!!
    Anyway, stop back when you have a few moments and I promise to stop by your neck of the woods very soon.


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