Color Me Red

I would normally reply to everyone’s comments after I got home but tonight found me at Fenway Park.
A close friend of mine called and offered me a free ticket (courtesy of Luis Tiant).
How could I say no?
The Sox won and it was an awesome game.
Varitek hit a home run.
Perfect night with good friends and it cost me a few beers.
The pic above is close to the view I had.
Going to bed now.
Beered out.
Boston rules.
For tonight, anyway . . .


5 thoughts on “Color Me Red

  1. i’m jealous!!! seriously jealous!!! beer and baseball??? i may have to really sook now!! loud and long…i mean i know you must, at some point, go to the baseball, but to see where you’ve been and know they won??? yep…looking for tissues….
    i’m glad you had a good night, but i’m still seriously jealous….

    I will say it wasn’t great beer but it was a great game.
    Bud Light. Yyyyyyuuuuk.


  2. holy crap! great seats! glad you had fun. i wish my friends had tickets… to anything! i’d take sesame street live at this point LOL

    I had another friend that called with an extra ticket with an even better seat.
    Crazy, huh?
    Maybe next time I’ll have him call you… 😉


  3. Hola Mi Hermano!
    I was on the other side with my family!
    Section 24, Row 13, Seat 21 !!!
    Wish I knew you were there! Would have joined you for a cold one!
    Great game! I’m glad you had a great time!
    See you soon….

    Damn. Wish I knew. That would have been sweet.
    I never see you, dude! You’re always in another part of the city these days (or so it seems)
    We’ll hook up soon.
    Say hi to all the guys for me.


  4. Damn I need some friends with extra

    I got lucky is all.
    I think I like you, dude.


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