Siegfried Zademack Artwork

Found this site the other night and spent some serious time perusing the gallery.
Can’t say much more than simply amazing.
Click on the picture above for more.



3 thoughts on “Siegfried Zademack Artwork

  1. Striking. I like this type of art – the bold colors and images are inspiring and thought provoking. Although, I’m not sure I could have it in my house – don’t think I’d get any sleep with things like this hanging on my wall. I wonder why that is. Hmmm.

    The images are raw and incredibly striking but I think I understand the no sleep issue.
    I still really enjoyed looking and glad you checked it out too.


  2. there’s a couple of dozen of those i could easily hang in house, starting with this one here..

    I liked that one as well.
    I picked it mainly because it seemed to go with my theme.
    I must have been having a Feng Shui blog moment.
    {god, help me} 😉


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