I appreciate all the comments folks!
I will catch up on them before days end.
Spent last night watching several episodes from the first season of Supernatural with my daughters.
Really nice just to hang for a night with my girls.
All three of them.
We don’t do it enough.
Anywhoo, have a great weekend . . . rain and all.
The picture above is for anyone with multiple cats and currently experiencing a storage problem.



6 thoughts on “Fold-a-Cat

  1. LOL! That’s great. I like the note about how you shouldn’t attempt to fold badgers. 🙂

    Thank God for the disclaimer, huh?


  2. Even if I folded my cat, I’d still need an armoire to stuff her into. I don’t call her Boodie for no reason. 😉

    Boodie sounds related to my female, Opus.
    She’s huge. Must be too many kitty bon-bons.


  3. I can’t watch videos on dialup, so I’ll comment on this post, which is hilarious! Sorry for not visiting, been taking care of mom-in-law and don’t get much time on the Internet anymore.
    Hope all is well with you! Thanks for the giggles and have a wonderful day!

    I hope all is well, Marti.
    Nice to see a comment from you.
    Be well, kiddo.
    And for the giggles, you are always welcome.


  4. Oh woohoo! Just the advice I was looking for!!! Where do you find this stuff. More importantly, WHY??!!
    Glad to hear you having some time with your girls…very important that kind of thing.

    I have you to thank for finding this stuff.
    SU, baby.
    This one just kinda caught my eye.


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