Grub Street, Boston

Grub Street:

Founded by writers for writers, Grub street is Boston’s only independent writing center. Our goal is to help writers with all aspects of the writing life, from finding inspiration to marketing a finished work.
Grub street offers high-quality workshops, events and professional development opportunities for writers of all levels.
It also offers the chance to be part of a community.
You can read your latest work at riot act, our open mike series.
Meet editors and agents at our annual Muse and the Marketplace conference.
Join us to discuss a new book with its author at our bookclub.
Or drop by on a Saturday morning for coffee and free-wheeling discussions on topics of interest to readers and writers.

This is where I will be tomorrow for my lunch hour.
A writing lunch hour.
I’m really excited and hope it goes well.

Just received this via email tonight:

See yourself in print
We’ve got some special news about tomorrow’s Brown Bag lunchtime seminar.
The seminar series is going to be featured in the Boston Globe, and a writer will be at the class taking photos and reporting on the event.
She’s even going to publish excerpts of selected work produced during the class!
This is a great opportunity to try to get your work (or your mug) in the paper, and a fun experience all around.

Am I ready?
Oh, yeah.
Will I get my name in the paper?
Who knows. Do I care?
I will just be happy to be there.
If it will improve my writing, coolbeans.
Say a prayer for me anyway that I find my creative nirvana. (LOL)
Lord knows, I don’t want to look like an asshole.
Click on the Grub Street logo above to check out their website.

Check out my ‘Toonz’ at the bottom right of my sidebar.
I’ve uploaded some favorite tunes.
Right now they’re in MP4 format but I’m looking to change it to MP3.
If you have ITunes you shouldn’t have a problem listening.
If you don’t have ITunes, shame, shame . . . it’s free, folks.


6 thoughts on “Grub Street, Boston

  1. not much into prayers but i can light a candle and talk to the spirits for you…that ok? 🙂
    hope you have a ball…and if you get your mug in the paper you have to post it!! i want something to be able show people when you’re famous, so i can say “i knew him way back when….”

    A candle will work.
    We’ll have to wait and see on the mug…
    Thanks, Moe.


  2. Hope they are online as well! not sure how my local newsagent would go getting a boston paper…..
    Good luck and knock em dead!

    It went well, kiddo but I’m still not famous!


  3. So, how did your lunch go?

    I didn’t even eat while I was there but it went well. Fiction writing stuff.
    Tanks, Laho.


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