Yeah, Mexican food can look and taste pretty bad but this is ridiculous.
It’s the quintessential frozen dinner from Hell.
I don’t make this stuff up but I do so love passing it along.
Now stop mumbling and hand over the jalapenos.
Oh, and click on Tigger up above.
He thinks it’s pretty damn disgusting too.


11 thoughts on “Freezerburn

  1. M… see you have resurrected a couple of oldie but goodie posts recently always a good laugh 😛

    Sometimes you just get tired, G.
    The few that I’ve posted were read by few people when I began blogging and I thought they should be shared.
    I’m a giver, baby.


  2. EW! I don’t think even the dog would eat that. I try not to buy frozen Mexican food. I have a great restaurant nearby that makes the best darned food. Lucky for me!! And the 98% fat free stuff….dessert nor Mexican food should ever be 98% fat free!!!

    Lose the low fat…


  3. Ewwwww that is gross!! Uhhh ok Moe’s Is the only Spanish/ Mexican food I am going to eat from now on. (With the exception of when I make tacos.) Hehe.

    You’re a smart little girl, Hannah. I always knew that.


  4. That’s just sick! It makes the dehydrated food the astronauts eat look mighty tasty. 😛

    It is sick.
    Aren’t you glad I shared? 😉
    I’m kinda like the friend that says, “Oh, man…this stuff tastes horrible! Taste it!”


  5. Oh, that’s just wrong! What’s the point of that? It’s like for people who want to eat ethnic, but not too much. LOL.

    It is waaay wrong, ain’t it?
    The exact reason I posted this.
    Shred some light on it.
    I mean shed some. . .


  6. Aww, that is just sick! I must be sick for even clicking on the pics. I’ve never seen food that bad. The grandkids do a better job.
    I feel sorry for whoever has to clean up after the dog barfs..,Eww!

    The barf probably looks better.
    Probably tastes better, too…


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