Umbrella Man


You’ve never given yourself enough credit.
Maybe you never will, that’s so much ‘you’.
I read stories on a daily basis in the newspaper about mothers that are abusive, selfish and downright diabolical and it makes me wonder if our daughters know and intrinsically understand just how fortunate they really are.
Even though you’re not my mother,
I pray for the compassionate and loving light that glows softly
from inside you; a beacon that perpetually shines on our three beautiful girls.
Though the journey is occasionally rough when the rains are falling hard, know that I will be where I’ve been all along . . . by your side.
I’m that crazy guy holding the umbrella with the omnipresent wad of crumpled Kleenex stuffed in his pockets.
And believe me, that crazy guy thinks the world of you.

Happy Mother’s Day,


{written inside my wife’s card}
*To all mothers visiting Smoke and Mirrors:
I wish you a day filled with rainbow smiles and all the love your hearts can hold.

*Mom, I’m thinking of you today.
And yes, I still miss you . . .

10 thoughts on “Umbrella Man

  1. i too have a man who holds the umbrella when it rains….i am truly blessed, and i am sure pam feels the same way…i hope her day was as wonderful as mine has been

    I always forget the time diffy thing.
    Glad your day was happy, Moe.
    And glad you too have an umbrella man.


  2. Michael. That was beautiful.. I bet your wife reads that tomorrow and cries. I’m jealous! Sounds like a Harlequin romance to me. I know its real,but something I’ve never had the pleasure of feeling or the knowing!
    You are a lucky man! 5 Special women in your life! Your mom, wife, and 3 girls! I’m thankful that tomorrow I can visit my mom….probably be the last year I can spend Mother’s Day with I’ll make it a good one!
    I visit here every day…because I never know what’s waiting. Will I laugh? will I cry? will I think it over? will I listen to good music?
    My son once gave me the ultimate compliment! He said, “although you drive me crazy, mum, you’re never boring!”
    And so I pass it on. “I stop by frequently at your house of ‘Smoke n Mirrors’…Michael, because you’re never boring.”
    Have a wonderful week!

    You’re making me blush, Matty.
    Happy Mom’s day to you.
    I love when you visit me here.
    Your comments always make my day.


  3. Thank you for being by my side all these years.It’s amazing just how many tears are inside of me whether I’m laughing or crying and sometimes at the same time !! Motherhood is like that ! I wish a” Happy Mother’s Day” to all the moms who visit your blog today.

    Motherhood is like that!
    I was thinking menopause… 😉
    Love ya, kiddo.
    ~the Umbrella Man


  4. Happy mothers day Pam.
    Michael, I’m so thrilled for both of you that you appreciate what you have…makes me smile 🙂

    Tanks, Kel.
    Hope your day was special as well.


  5. lovely stuff….gotta find me an umbrella man! you both are v lucky and blessed.
    here comes the rain again….wait!….here comes Gilrein’s again…..falling on my head like a tragedy….fallin on my heart like a new emotion….
    -sleep-deprived yvonne

    When you least expect it and need it most, an umbrella man will appear.
    I just know it. Believe, Y…


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