The Edward Hopper exhibit begins today at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston.
I’m excited to tell you that I will be going in the next month or so since it’s there until the middle of August.
I’ve been drawn to Hopper’s work for many years now but to have the opportunity to actually see paintings such as “Nighthawks“, “Gas” and “Chop Suey” in person will be incredible beyond words.
I connect with this man’s work on so many levels that it almost leaves me speechless.
Almost. . .
Whether you’ve heard of Hopper or not, check out the video.
No doubt you’ve seen a few of these over the years.
I’ll keep you posted on my upcoming visit to the MFA.



9 thoughts on “Hopper

  1. Jealous, I’m very jealous! It was at that very museum that I first discovered that art truly moved me. It was in front of a Monet that I cried over art. There is another of my most favorite paintings there. “Rest on the Flight to Egypt”, I don’t even know who the artist is. But this image of Mary and baby Jesus nestled against the arm of a giant sphinx just does something to me. Enjoy the show! I’m sure it will be fabulous!!!

    A Hopper exhibit hasn’t been around here for a very long time.
    I’ll be posting about my visit which will be in the next month or so.
    It’s at the MFA until mid-August and I look forward to a moving experience.


  2. You know how much fun I had in the national art gallery when we went there early last year? It was totally awesome….hope you have a great time!

    This will be the first time I’ve gone to see an artist I actually know something about.
    Always time for a ‘first’. . .


  3. Yes, keep us posted. I have taken a few minutes and watched your imbedded video; also watched this one on Hopper http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4tgzFalhMEI
    and another one on UTube. I can see why he was so successful. He really gets the mood going. That video I referred to quoted him as saying something like ‘if you could say it with words, there would be no need to paint.’ It’s just cool when a painting or a photo or a paragraph or a person or a pet or a place or a performance can grab our attention and make us feel.

    I almost posted that exact video but I felt it was a bit long for those who don’t love Hopper the way I do.
    ‘if you could say it with words, there would be no need to paint.’
    I loved that quote. Classic Hopper.


  4. I love going to see paintings up close and personal. I’m not very familiar with this artist. Though Night Hawks I know i’ve seen before. What strikes me most about his paintings is the isolation and sadness that well from them.

    Exactly. It’s that isolation and sadness that drew me in in the first place.
    Alfred Hitchcock was an avid Hopper fanatic.
    Check THIS out.
    Remind you of anything?


  5. I love Hopper’s work for many different reasons. Although I am a bit of a ‘painted art’ greenhorn (I look at them, but am rarely into reading up on them), he speaks to me for he has this way of portraying human life like I see it, there is always light, but there is also always shadow, even if just a little bit…….

    Hopper’s talent with shading was incredible.
    The detail in his nightscenes is breathtaking.


  6. Wow this sounds amazing. I too feel a bit green with envy. Kim

    As I said, I will keep all of you posted.
    You will ‘see’ Hopper through my eyes.
    Well, something like that.


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