Modern Living

Thought I would pass on this very unusual website.
I was given this link a few years ago and still browse there from time to time.
It’s a bit weird, somewhat political, subtly sexual and always very interesting and unique.
The person responsible for the programming here invested a mountain of time and worlds of creativity.
Click on the picture above and check it out instead of playing solitaire some night, I think you will, at the very least, be entertained… (maybe)
Also, stay tuned for a very special guest post tonight.


“Creativity is the power to connect the seemingly unconnected.”
William Plomer

7 thoughts on “Modern Living

  1. Interesting, creative…a lot of thought went into this. I’m getting messages. I’ll have to go visit when I have more time.

    I can spend hours at this site and not get bored.


  2. unique was the right word….someone has indeed put some time and effort in…loved the arrow through the duck…

    I stopped trying to pick a favourite a long time ago.


  3. Ah yes, I’ve stumbled upon that site and had it in my bookmarks for a long time….some interesting statements that are never actually made!!

    Exactly, regarding statements.


  4. Hmm…it didn’t seem to want to do anything for me. Maybe it’s my browser issues?

    Could be.
    Then again, it may be an application issue like Shockwave or Quicktime.


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