7 thoughts on “Some Skunk Funk

  1. Wow!!! It’s even more amazing watching it!!! I love you man!!!
    Thank you!!!!
    Tu hermano…..

    You’re the main reason I posted this, man!
    Glad you liked it.
    Michel Camilo on the Nano on the train home.
    I should be selling shoes, dude.
    Love ya, brotha


  2. Oh how I wished to play the trumpet like that, and in a setting like that!
    This was great…thanks!

    Randy Brecker is fabulous, isn’t he?
    I used to listen to this stuff all the time back when
    I was going to Berklee (college of music) in Boston.


  3. That was smoking hot! I loved those guys. We really need to do some clubs, whenever the heck we meet. LOL.

    These guys did rip it up, eh?
    I’ve listened to them for years.
    Clubs? What the hell are those? 😎


  4. It’s always nice to see a bald dude kicking ass. That sax man is the shit. Even better than Zoot.

    The guy playing sax is Michael Brecker.
    Sadly, he died around the beginning of the year from leukemia.
    I actually dedicated a few posts to him.
    And yeah, he was the shit.


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