6 thoughts on “Funny little spots

  1. that last one!!! OMG…the first time i ever took mark to meet the girls, kelly’s (then) boyfriend and tash’s (now) husband found our camera….while we were out visiting one day they got the camera…we didn’t know…get back to sydney, take the film to get it developed….got a couple of strange looks in the shop, didn’t think anything of it…look at the photo’s..yep! there it was my (now) sil bending over, cheeks spread, gonads hanging for all and sundry to see…i THEN understood the looks… and it’s taken me 11 years to get the image out of my head..until now!! 😯
    love the baby one too….that’s a ripper…

    SIL sounds like a keeper.
    Ripper? Love the sound of that.
    I usually get one of those going after eating Mexican…


  2. oh too funny…..just too funny
    We have a few ripper ads on here at the moment..will attempt to find them somewhere round the traps and share at a later date 🙂

    I’ll be checking NR for anything unusual.
    I find the ads from other countries fascinating.


  3. Hey dad. Nice quote “When in doubt, go to youtube” Lol. Anyways. Something is wrong with my blog. I can’t log in, like everything on the left column is gone, well except for my blog roll. Could you check it out for me? Thanks dad. =)


    All set, kiddo.
    Put a dancing banana (random post) on your sidebar, too.
    That doesn’t sound very good, does it? 😉


  4. I said I would, and I have. I found at least one classic aussie ad. I have also, for the first time ever, posted with a video. Mum’s going to do some more I think, she was on the prowl last night! Stay tuned, I’m sure she’ll let you know…hehehehe

    “Not. Happy. Jan.” is an absolute classic.
    Check out this post folks. It’s short and so shweet…


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