This ain't Nine Inch Nails

When my daughters were small they used to ask me to read them stories using the voice of the Swedish Chef from the Muppets.
And I love the Swedish Chef.
I can ‘bort,bort,bort‘ with the best of ’em.
Just ask my daughters…
Have a great weekend everybody.
See you back here on Monday.

ps. Check out my sidebar to the right.
When you click on the big red question mark it brings you to a random post of mine.
I can’t figure out what the hell else to do with the feature.
And while you’re here, take a peek at my Smoke Cloud {left sidebar}.
A bit cooler than a boring, ho-hum category list.
Click on any tag and you can see what I’ve written in that specific category.
If you have a WP blog, this funky widget is just waiting for your sidebar.

8 thoughts on “This ain't Nine Inch Nails

  1. The Muppets are great. I love how even though the Swedish Chef and Beaker never use words they still have so much personality, and they never fail to make me laugh. 🙂

    The sidebar looks nice, Michael.


    Thanks, Kelsey.
    Be sure to check out Alabaster Crippen’s YouTube link.


  2. We were just saying “I wonder if we can get The Muppets on DVD. I remember watching the show with my parents. The Swedish Chef was funny, but to this day, Beaker makes me cry laughing!

    If you like Beaker, check out Alabaster’s link.
    You will get more than just a fix. Promise


  3. my girls used to love the muppets…they’d sit there for hours and watch (in those days) videos we’d bought them…i can never remember the name of them but the 2 old guys..they were always sitting in some type of box at the theatre or something? my memory is starting to fail me now i’m nearly 50, so i could have the wrong show entirely 😯
    this is a giggle though…

    I can’t remember their names either but they always cracked me up.
    Be sure to check out Alabaster’s YouTube link.


  4. You inspired me to go youtube surfing. The results were a joy.

    As for the Swedish Chef and the Chicken, I worry about the ramifications of the pingpong balls, but I think I’m looking into this a bit too closely.

    Jeepers, you’re upstaging me, dude! 😉
    I love some of the stuff they have on Youtube. I can spend hours surfing.
    This link is quite a find and I thank you for sharing it here.


  5. i have to say, the place is looking really good! I’m loving the new side bar content and look….I’ve been trawling the archives again via the fortuitous smoke option…great idea…

    I love trawlers…


  6. That random post thing is way too cool. I opted for the drop down thing for my categories. Nice to see that wordpress is adding some new features.

    I couldn’t figure out what else to do with the randomizer.


  7. Oh I’m so proud of you! Look at all the wonderful changes you made round here to make it YOUR place….
    I used to love the muppets, take a geesa at this link for the one thing that is guaranteed to have me rolling round the floor laughing EVERY SINGLE TIME!!!!

    Funny link, Kel. I hope Hannah clicks on it.
    Yeah, I’m a sucker for new templates especially when they’re dark.
    Thanks for noticing.


  8. Michael,
    For my kids, many years ago, I was the ‘Count’ on Sesame Street. It was a blast. Now I’ll check out that link.

    One! Two! Thrrrree!
    I loved the Count.


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