I listened to this tune on the train home tonight and wondered if the video was on YouTube.
My question has obviously been answered.
If you think you know nothing about this band called Mr. Mister, think again.
Check the Wikipedia site for more info on Richard Page.
He’s the voice behind the song Kyrie and his long time friend Steve George is playing keyboards.
I’ve loved this man’s voice forever and followed his career relentlessly.
It’s hard for me to believe he’s not a mega-star.
Maybe that just wasn’t his gig.
Turn up your speakers and enjoy this tune.
If you can find a copy of the album ‘Pages’ on CD, let me know.
It should have a track on it called “You need a hero”
If you do, I’d love you forever.
Know that Page is singing ‘Kyrie Eleison‘ and not ‘carry a laser‘. . .
Enjoy and have a wicked pissa weekend.

10 thoughts on “Kyrie

  1. Nice! Have a good weekend yourself buddy…

    Tanks, Kel.
    As of today the Red Sox have won two games against the Evil Empire (Yankees)
    It’s always a good weekend when that happens.


  2. Glad I was able to help M and at a great price too… I won’t hold ya to that I’ll Love Ya Forever thing though 😉 But I’ll be your fwend


  3. I thought maybe it was Kyrie liasion down the road that I must travel…lol!!! I usuallly always sing the wrong words to songs. They make so much more sense with the real words. What a fabulous weekend n’est ce pas????

    The weekend was incredible.
    Lord knows we’ve waited long enough.


  4. That’s pretty cool. i’ve never known WHAT he was singing, but I’ve always liked that song – a great voice.

    You’ve heard Page many times, you just didn’t know it.


  5. mr. mister was actually a really popular band in the 80s so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding it. great song!

    Actually, the band I was looking for was called ‘Pages’, one of his first bands.
    I found it thanks to many people. I did like Mr. Mister though. . .


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