2 Guesses

Two guesses as to what this post is about.
I don’t even have to soil my blog with your untalented name.
Don’t let the door hit you on the way out, you weirdo putz.
Nah, nah, nah-nah . . .



14 thoughts on “2 Guesses

  1. I was just about getting ready to do a post if Sanjaya still made it renaming the show American Idiot cause that what it was turning into thanks to guys like Howard Stern trying to turn the show into a mockery

    Aww, man.
    Does this mean another season of AI?


  2. You are too generous with 2 guesses, Michael. I don’t even watch American Idol and I know. Just the hairdo alone, should have had him voted off.

    I really wanted to see his head spontaneously explode on stage.
    As I always say, in a pervfect world. . .


  3. Last night I promised myself if he didn’t get booted,,,,never again would I lower myself to watch American Idol, although I would miss Simon! I know, I know,,,,but what’s taste got to do with it?
    This year, there hasn’t been any great talent! They all seem to need a lot of work. If I had to lay my money down, I’ll go with Melinda, and/or Blake. Just my 2 cents.

    I like Simon too.
    He’s the only judge that calls a spade a spade.
    And yes, they all need some serious work.
    From what little I’ve heard I’ve not been impressed.


  4. What’s sickening is how long it took. And then he cried too – can you say, icky?

    Yeah. He cried.
    Sanjaya, you suck. Always have, always will.
    Oh, man, my heart is effin’ bleeding.
    Kick him in his tiny girly, girl ass and send him home.
    Thank God it’s done.
    {I went easy on the little pussy, didn’t I?}


  5. Did I wake you last night, when I screamed so loud that it probably shook the earth? Can you believe it? He is finally GONE!!! YAY!! I am overjoyed!


    Yes, Hannah, you woke me.
    I was actually happy to be awake for once.


  6. LMAO! I don’t watch it, seeing as how we are in a whole other country and all, and we have our own very sad version of the show, and the sad part is I know exactly what your talking about!

    Amazes me just how far reaching (or is it retching) this show really is.


  7. I think I scared the animals with the screaming that resulted in the voting off. I kinda felt bad when he cried, but he has no talent. He’s cute but girls….newsflash…he’s gay. He may not know it yet. But I do.

    Laughing, laughing, laughing…


  8. i was soooooooooooooooo excited to see him go! now it can actually go back to being a singing competition and not an ass-clown competition.

    Ass clown? I love that! lololololol…
    Great observation on AI going back to a singing competition.
    Kind of weak this year though, IMHO.


  9. I missed out on all of American Idol. In the Netherlands it is quite funny, talents differs of course. The scandals are universal, i don’t know about hairdo’s or crying and stuff like that. This boy must have a hard time after leaving the show, right?

    The entire US of A couldn’t wait until he was gone.
    I personally wanted to see his head spontaneously explode on stage. . . ala Stanley Kubrick (Full Metal Jacket).
    Oh, well, getting voted off was almost as good.
    At least I don’t have to hear him and his sissy ass whining {off key} in the background while I write.
    And really, how do you whine off key?
    Man, he sucked. Bigtime.


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