Mercy, healing and the ultimate power of prayer

Say a prayer tonight for the students of VA Tech,
those living as well as those no longer with us.
My heart really hurts.
This gives new meaning to the phrase “scarred for life”.
That’s enough for tonight.



13 thoughts on “Mercy, healing and the ultimate power of prayer

  1. amen to that…I sat and watched horrified this morning as it unfolded on the telly here in OZ…indeed my thoughts and prayers go out to all….i am not surprised to see this post here michael….when i clicked the link i already knew what i would find…

    I’m very freaked out and saddened right now by the world in which we live.
    I can’t imagine the absolute hell these parents, students and faculty are going through.
    They did nothing wrong and look what’s happened.
    God help all of us.


  2. It’s truly heartbreaking that someone could rob so many of the gift of life.

    Thank you for the reminder to pray for the students, Michael.


    When I heard the number 30 dead I asked the person that told me, “How many?”
    I got home and found out it’s up to 32.
    I really don’t know what to say anymore.
    I could have been one of those parents.
    I don’t like that thought in the least.


  3. Sometimes the world is unforgiving
    reminding us that we are all perishable
    here for only a moment
    only to be quickly snatched away
    from all that we know and love
    tragedy doesn’t play favorites, doesn’t pick teams
    and more often than not, life doesn’t play fair
    with our hearts……it is a sad day for us all.
    Nice post. kim

    Incredible comment.


  4. i posted my prayers on this too. i was shocked and immediately thought of other tragedies like Columbine and Kent State. totally senseless. i just don’t understand what could possess someone. and i guess we’ll never know cuz the cowards always kill themselves in the end.

    such a shame. you just never know. it’s so important to live your life because it can be taken at any time.

    We have today. Period.
    Thanks, JB…


  5. My cousin was on campus when this happened. Just the thought of him being there when it happened scares me out of my mind… I can’t imagine… I don’t even want to imagine what it would be like to lose someone there. And amen to the call to prayer.

    I’m hoping he’s alright.
    Though he’s scarred to be sure.
    I can’t imagine the hell you’ve been through the past few days.
    I’d like to think that many people were praying for your cousin.
    I know that indirectly, I was.
    Thanks for the comment, WT…


  6. I believe this could have been avoided. There were signs! Bells! The day before I wrote about schizophrenia on my blog and what I went through, and this lad ‘was on a mission’ he heard the voices.
    Good God, what a waste, how very very sad, for all the parents and families,,,,,,,the shooter’s as well.

    In a perfect world, it could have been avoided but. . .
    I’m sad for all involved as well.
    Someone dropped the ball somewhere along the way and didn’t ‘read the signs’.


  7. I tell you my heart and soul bled when watching this, not only for the victims and their families but for the family of the gunmen, and for humanity as a whole. Where or how have we failed these people?

    You pose a question bigger than all of us.
    Many hearts and souls have bled.
    How does it end?
    I don’t know.


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