This can’t end well

Can you say “Sliced like a deck of cards”?
I can just hear the katana slicing through the air as I post this.
Hey, doesn’t the guy in the bed look a bit like Ryan Seacrest?
I wanted to title this post “When destiny and sharp, pointy objects collide” but it was too damn long.

12 thoughts on “This can’t end well

  1. Yoiks! The guy does look a little like Seacrest, which is a little creepy to begin with. 😯

    The good news is that the blood stains might not show in that comforter. That’s me, always looking on the bright side. 😆

    Ah, yes. Leave it to a woman to take care of the damned Feng Shui… 😉


  2. oh dear 😆 don’t you just love the way they lined their shoes up so precisely before the romance began???

    Looks like they wanted to be ready to run out the door; a major flaw in their plan.


  3. And I always give one the benefit of a doubt. I firmly believe you can’t believe anything you hear and only half of what you see.
    Maybe she lives with her brother?

    We can only hope. For Ryan’s sake…


  4. Perhaps after this run-in (if there is an after?) they’ll learn not to keep all the nice murder weapons by the door. It’d be much harder for the guy to slice and dice if they were mantled on the other side of the room. Not hard logic, and they could have been able to skip accenting the room with blood stains.

    The outcome looks a bit too inevitable, doesn’t it? Egads…
    Do you smell sushi? 😎


  5. Nice dad. Hey the guy can take a sword off the wall and kill the other guy!! Ohh and he doesn’t look happy, the chinese guy not the american one. Maybe he got hit with a fish. . . haha LOL! 😀


    Hit with a fish?
    You watch altogether too much TV young lady…


  6. No, no, he’s the sushi cook! They are having wine and he’ll slice the kobe. and er, don’t think its Seacrest…I’ve heard rumours……unless that’s his sister.

    One intestinal Maki Roll coming up {or maybe out, as in this case}


  7. man, where is Quentin Tarantino when you need him?

    Funny. I thought the same thing.
    All I could think of was Kill Bill…


  8. YOWSWER!!!! This is great find. I put my own subtitles to it and then pretended that the words didn’t match up to what the actors were saying, it was just like watching a kung-fu movie. Except I’m not sure Ryan Seacrest would be in bed with a woman? anabel

    You may be right about Seacrest.
    He has that metrosexual thang happening.
    I love the badly dubbed Japanese movies.
    They remind me of old Mr. Ed re-runs.
    Watch the horses mouth next time. It’s a hoot! Wowsers!


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