Don Imus + Censorship= Death by Termination

We have a shrinking polar ice cap that will someday make the state of Florida a semi-tropical island, homeless shelters packed to the gills with invisible people that society doesn’t want, babies dying of hunger every 7 seconds,
pets dying from tainted pet food and enough plutonium to blow
this planet to Kingdom Come and yet we choose to focus our time and energy on three stupid words taken out of context because they hurt somebody’s feelings.
Maybe that’s just the tip of the proverbial iceburg but personally, it feels much greater than that.

Freedom of speech will soon be a subject found only in History books if we don’t watch ourselves. With the head of Don Imus now securely set on a fresh green lettuce leaf in the middle of the media platter, I can’t help but feel this was a witchhunt instigated by the likes of many including Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, two political gasbags that need more of a muzzling than Imus.
These two jamokes have done just as much damage to the notion of equality, racial harmony and justice as the talk show host they’ve now successfully crucified.
The thought of forgiveness hasn’t even entered the equation.
And they’re both men of the cloth, right?
Does Imus deserve termination and eternal damnation?
His track record seems to indicate that he’s definitely borderline.
But at what cost?
He’ll be on satellite radio by next week anyway.
We’ve all lost something here.
Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, maybe not even next year but we’ve lost something. Everyday it seems another insignificant personal freedom goes on hiatus and we’re too caught up in politically correct semantics to take notice.
I did get a chuckle when I read a quote from a Rutgers Junior regarding the ‘Ho’ fiasco.
She said, “This has scarred me for life.”
Please stop.
You’re killing me.
Get off the cross, someone else needs the wood.
What Imus said was disgraceful and uncalled for but ‘scarred for life’?
With the amount of hypocrisy witnessed in the media and society these days, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.
I’ll be shaking my head over this one for a while.
Somebody pinch me, Imus be dreaming. . .


20 thoughts on “Don Imus + Censorship= Death by Termination

  1. it seems to be worldwide disease…and you can well imagine my opinion on politically correct garbage i’m sure….

    No surprise.
    I knew you’d respond this way.
    You didn’t let me down… {grinning}


  2. If she is “scarred for life” because of this, she had best keep her pansy ass indoors with all media turned off and her shades drawn…
    Too many people in this world too willing to be victims.

    Perfect, Ozy.
    Couldn’t agree more.


  3. This whole thing is a load of crap. Yes, Imus is an ass – but he was an ass before he uttered his latest insult. As for the ‘victims’ in this case – gimme a break. Scarred for life? There are people across the ocean having their heads sawed off in videos and SHE’S scarred for life? Criminy.

    A little perspective here, folks – that’s all I’m saying.

    And apparently, freedom of speech (even if it’s despicable) is reserved for a sacred few. Jackson, Sharpton, Obama, Clinton, Pelosi, they all get to say and do any fricking thing they want but the rest of us have to shut and listen to them.

    Can’t we just form a P.C. nation and make them all go there and leave us be?

    This post was really all about freedom of speech.
    I’ve never been a huge I-Man fan.
    He does give a great interview though and I’ve some amazing stuff over the years.
    I don’t feel bad so much for Imus as much as I feel for the censorship issue.
    However you look at it, this guy was politically silenced.
    Maybe that’s good in some ways but it’s frightening in others.



  4. See what happens when you use the “N” word? Just some more PC BS for them to hop up onto their soapboxes about. Yes Imus is an ass to begin with, but I think this went too far. He could’ve said much worse. Freedom of Speech will be something we can tell out grandkids about.

    Oh, Snot. . .
    I miss you man.
    The grandkid comment is classic Snotsucker.
    Thanks, dude. I totally agree.


  5. The real crime-YOU CAN NO LONGER HAVE A CONVERSATION IN FEAR THAT SOMEONE IN THE WORKPLACE OR ALL OTHER WILL BE OFFENDED BY WHAT IS SAID. No more jokes-no more debates-no more disussions. It is amazing how the majority of the US population is the minortity and is now on the defensive.
    And, if anyone says-oh no, I am not a R-look around-It’s Bull Shit!
    Time to clam up!

    Whoa, Laho! I agree!
    Capitol letters in cyberspace equate to shouting in the real world though.
    You don’t need all CAPS to get your point across, especially here at Smoke and Mirrors. (we’re all so damn cerebral, ya know?) 😉
    I’m happy you commented on this and yes, pulling the racist card is absolute bullshit.
    That’s another thing….I don’t mind profanity as long as it’s warranted. Go nuts.
    I say stick a few Cherrystones straight up their PC asses.


  6. Amen. I’m sick of double standards, hypocracy, liars, cheats, thugs, and two-faced ass-wipes moaning about their ‘status’ in life. I didn’t make that choice for them. They did. And if they say it was their only choice. Bullshit. Enough hard work and creativity can get you out of any bad situation if you only work hard enough. Quit your crying, get off your asses and quit using excuses and crutches and affirmative action to get where you think you “Deserve” to be.

    I never have to wonder why I have you on my blogroll now do I?
    Classic Lass comment. (and I couldn’t agree more)
    Thanks, kiddo.


  7. Persons such as Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are the epitome of racial discrimination. Along with the NAACP. What’s the difference in Imus calling these ladies a “nappy headed ho” and 50 Cent doing it? In rap music, da bitches and da hos be everywhere.
    All curled up next to their mans riding on dubs, taking the ‘X’, and making da benjamins. And the ladies luuvvvv them. Where’s the outcry of their ‘own’ so to speak degrading them as nothing more than a good lay, and good for nothing more than dancing and well, I won’t finish the sentence but you can…….It’s a total double standard. anabel

    Another blogroll link that makes me so happy and proud.
    You understand the stuff I feel but didn’t even write about.
    I absolutely love it. You get it, as I do.
    Thanks, Anabel…


  8. Everything I wanted to say has already been said. So I guess a Kudos to you Michael will do.

    Double Kudos!

    Thanks, Red.
    As always, you rock.


  9. “There must be something wrong with me for I alone do disagree”

    I started a comment, but it turned into somehting to big to post here. Had to move it to my own blog.

    May we agree to disagree?

    Uh. . . yeah. {scratching head}


  10. Hey M, go and read my post “Bukowski letter I”, I think you’ll find something there that you would agree with. Maybe. It goes along with what you’re saying here I think. Thanks, Kim.

    I did read it, K. Wonderful.
    It almost goes hand in hand with this post.
    There were many favorite parts but this one spoke to me: “In our age, the only safe target for the writer is the white heterosexual male. You can make him a murderer, a child-rapist, a motherf*ker. Nobody protests. Not even the white heterosexual male.”
    Where did you find it?


  11. Overreacting media. Someone should shout a la Maximus, “ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED? ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?”

    Sometimes the media really suck.
    They’re never entertained nor are they ever satisfied.


  12. I think we should deport all these PC weenies over to Iraq, preferably to the nearest terrorist camp. Then they’ll know the real definition for “scarred for life.”

    Couldn’t have said it better myself, Deb.


  13. Hi! Michael,
    When you bounce back, you do it so well! I agree completely with you, when’s it going to stop? Get a thicker coat ladies….jeez! Yes, Imus is a big mouth, but he has made sense many…okay..a few times. And how many of us has said things like that? in the privacy of our homes? Come on, I don’t see any hands up here… The same people who dissed Imus listen to Harold Stern and watch Jerry Springer.
    Do you know I started to blog to voice and vent and have a good time…….now, believe it or not, I edit my damn post….to check if I’ve hurt anybody? offended them? is my english correct? did I throw in a few cuss words? Come off it,,,,,we know the only one’s that can scar us for life is our parents right? and the one’s nearest and dearest to us? Okay people, no hitting involved, don’t curse me, I hurt easy!
    I grew up with 7 brothers,,,,and I’ve been called everything from baby la-la to beetch!, which I probably earned, but they got worst! Yes, Imus should get his mouth washed out, but let’s not go overboard. I’m tired of walking on eggshells!

    I really hear you on the “have I hurt anyone?” issue.
    I think about it often.
    My wife caught a typo in the I-man post. I hate when that happens.
    I’m fastidious regarding spelling and the like.
    7 brothers? Yikes.
    I bet no one ever picked on you (except your brothers, of course) 😎


  14. Michael,
    What’s a ‘jamoke’,,,,,is that a Jamaican who smokes, mon?

    My grandfather used to use the term to cleanly describe some that’s a self-aggrandizing douchebag/tool.
    I kinda like the smokin’ Jamaican thing, though…


  15. OMG….Sometimes i’m scared for the world in which my child is growing up!

    As well we should be.
    It’s really sad. Who knows? Maybe one of our children will change things. . .


  16. Would you believe me if I told you I was simply googling “What makes a good poet?” “How to write good poetry” , and I just happened across it and another letter. Thanks for reading it and commenting. This was a great post of yours. Kim

    Tanks, Kim.
    Great find, btw


  17. Me, oh-so-sarcastic: Yeah, let’s make a mountain out of a mole hill (again, Jesse and his RainBlow posse) so we can take a break from focusing on “ILLEGAL” immigration for a minute! You know that word “Illegal” is a tricky one. It could mean one of a hundred things….
    For Pete’s sake Pete, bottom line: switch the bleeping dial on your radio if you don’t like what you hear!!! Then, we could use all of that pent up energy and put it to a good use; find the cure for a disease, making stricter laws to punish criminals that bludgeon innocent people to death (safer neighborhoods, schools, workplaces, etc.), round up all the child molesters and stone them to death, etc. Sorry, I went in a few different directions here but what a frustrating subject! Grrrr! Purefnevyl had a profound post reply too: “Once there was free speech. Now one has to pay for it on satellite radio and cable t.v.” This whole thing is just wrong.

    Folks had wonderful insight into the post and your comment is no exception.
    I agree, if you don’t like what you hear, change the damn station.
    But that would make too much sense now, wouldn’t it? 😉


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