Walls of thought

Sometimes graffiti can be thought provoking, frighteningly beautiful and sometimes even deeply disturbing.
I found this site the other night and wanted to share it here.
I split the post so it wouldn’t take up 3/4 of the front page.
Click ‘continue reading’ to see some wonderful stuff.



12 thoughts on “Walls of thought

  1. Very interesting and sad.

    When you realize where this stuff is actually coming from, yeah, it is sad.
    For some reason I still find it fascinating.
    Thanks for the comment, MM


  2. “you can only see as far as you think” is my personal favorite, with “the devil and god are raging inside me” very close to home 🙂
    i saw one on a wall on day that said “everybody goes to heaven cos this is hell”…that struck a chord too….

    A bunch of these were from DownUnder.
    I was wondering if you’d seen any. I know, Australia is a big country but. . .
    Check the site and look towards the bottom of the pic for its location.


  3. These are all really interesting and I’m glad to have seen them. What they say about society is, however, something I’m not sure about and I don’t think I want to know.

    Interesting comments on this post.
    I’m a bit surprised by them actually.
    I do thank you for your thoughts, Emma.


  4. You know, I have mixed feelings from these. On the one hand, as a human being I feel my heart go out – especially to those that especially seem to cry ‘lost soul.’ On the other hand some of them make me feel a little manipulated by them. I can’t really say why though. Just my gut.

    We’ve talked about this before.
    You never know what’s going to do well when you post it.
    This one obviously went over like a fart in church which surprised me a bit.
    Oh, well. Live, learn and keep blogging I guess.
    And as far as the artists being ‘lost souls’… ya think? 😉


  5. LOL – like a fart in a church? Nooooooo- I think it’s Easter hangover. It’s not too active out there today. Nothing wrong with the post at all.

    And yeah, I think lost souls just about says it.

    love ya brotha!

    Alls I got from Easter is too much sodium from the ham.
    The saga shall continue…


  6. Wow, incredible. It’s like postsecret for walls and druggies… I love it. And their splashscreeen has one of the best quotes I’ve seen in ages.

    I too loved the splash screen. Caught my attention immediately.
    Your observation of ‘postsecret for walls and druggies’ is brilliant.
    Thanks for the visit, Earthman.


  7. I agree. Lost souls, only the lonely! I have often wanted to take pics of the graffiti on bathroom stalls, but they would probably throw me out of the men’s room!

    You crazy woman, Matty! 😉


  8. The last one is the name of one of Brand New’s albums. Go listen.

    I promise to check it out.
    And thanks for being the brave one . . . 😉 (for your comment)


  9. “don’t go home, he knows” was a line from Minority Report– the psychic girl told a woman as she walked past her in the mall.

    Sounds like a movie I should check out, Riley.
    Thanks for being one of “the brave ones”.
    I don’t bite.
    Thanks for the comment.


  10. lol the “devil and god are raging inside me” is a reference to the band Brand New and their newest CD

    I’ll have to check that out, Sam.
    Thanks so much for being one of the “brave ones” 😉


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