11 thoughts on “Apology is not accepted

  1. Amazing huh? Kids today don’t know what politeness is yet they are writing programs that utilise it. How does that work?

    Another brilliant comment. Isn’t it the truth?
    In a perfect world maybe there’d be no such thing as irony.


  2. seems a bit odd…but it’s a sick mind that comes up with some of this garbage so i guess we can’t expect a lot more can we? morons, cretins, idiots…the names are endless

    No. I guess it’s to be expected.
    Morons, cretins, idiots…how about jamokes? I love that one.


  3. I hadn’t noticed. But that’s crazy. Hey, would you pay $60 to go to a George Benson/Al Jarreau concert?

    $60? Only if it was a really good seat.
    Never seen Benson but Jarreau is amazing.


  4. I’m still not sure how these people make money. And I think it’s a bit scary that ‘something?’ is monitoring your computer habits to know exactly what type of spam emails to send to your account. Geez, I’m having one of those days where it’s like the whole world is corrupt, with perhaps only a select few still making an effort to do ‘the right thing’. Anabel

    I’m not sure if it’s actually a ‘big brother’ kind of thing or not but it is a bit unnerving.
    And the whole world is corrupt, isn’t it? Oy…


  5. Gee, I haven’t gotten any apologies – you must be the “lucky one”! lol

    Hope you had a great Easter. Peace and joy to you!

    Easter was a bit dysfunctional as far as the family thang goes.
    That’s a post for some other time though.
    As always, I appreciate your thoughts.


  6. No apologies. No spam. And now since I’ve said that, I’ll probably start getting it.

    I’ve always liked how conscience is spelled, however I want to pronounce it con-science, and not how it’s really pronounced. Okay, shuddup Sam!

    Spam is on the way, Sam.
    I just know it! 😉


  7. Um, no, I’ve received no such apologies!! And speaking of that Sanjaya is ruining Bese me mundo right now. I think he owes me an apology!!!

    He owes everyone an apology!


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