Why cats attack their owners



15 thoughts on “Why cats attack their owners

  1. Yeah, I’d have to kick somebody’s ass if they did that to me too. Luckily for me, my pets are considerably smaller than I am. 😉

    It’s terrible, isn’t it? Poor cat. Sorry but the pic killed me. Had to post it.


  2. Nice. Aww. . . the kitty looks like, “Ok get me out of this suit and nobody gets hurt.” =)


    Excellent, ~H. I love when people give their own dialogue to animals.
    That’s something I think he’d say too.


  3. Michael, can’t comment. I have this horrible fear of cats. I just want to thank you for recommending Jim Gaffigan’s comedy CD,,,,,,it was worth every cent! Only cost me $10.67 through Amazon plus shipping. The grandkids and I had to listen to it twice, we were laughing so hard…just had to replay it. Laughing for an hour is like a good massage all over. I definitely recommend it to anyone. My favorite cut was the Food Network. Yes, I watch it. Thanks again.

    Hey Matty-
    Thanks for letting me know about this.
    I’m so glad Gaffigan made you laugh.
    More amazing to me is the fact that you could listen to it in a room
    filled with nuns and not feel embarassed. (kinda…) 😉
    Thanks again,


  4. Oh this is just ONE of the many reasons cats attack their owners. Of course the other one is that cats don’t have owners, they have slaves 🙂
    Happy Easter!


  5. my kitten is phsyco, it attacks me fiercly with no reason and will do so in an ambush style. it growls and moans when im near it and hisses even if i feed it. I could understand its mood if i was hurting it but it has never even coped smack.?????


  6. I was just laying down watching TV when my cat pounced on me and dug her claws into my arm, a few minutes latter she pounced on my head and dug her claws into me again, she made me bleed, all I was doing was laying down watching the tube, I don’t understand? Phyllis


  7. My cat attacks my wife for no reason, the only thing makes sense is the cat is jealous of my wife it happens on days when I only have time foree my wife an I don’t get to give the cat called baby more then aquick pet on the head an her morning treats.

    Easter over get me out of this outfit now!!!!


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