You unknowingly carved yourself a sliver of my soul today
Maybe it’s because you thought I wouldn’t miss it
Maybe it’s because you thought it wouldn’t hurt
Maybe it’s just because. . .


Words are razor-sharp things, ocassionally slicing their way into tender places, visceral and emotional tissue that eventually heals; a concept you’ve yet to fully grasp
you’re young and I try hard to understand that


But If I were to vanish from your life today, I wonder if your words would change or if they would stubbornly remain and come back to haunt you when you least expect it
I pray to God you never have to find that out . . .

I lost a sliver of my soul today but I know that love, forgiveness and patience will undoubtedly help me find it yet again
But for now, I shall remain that frustrating POS
For how long you ask?
idk. . . .
As long as it takes, I guess. . . as long as it takes



13 thoughts on “The POS

  1. that’s very beautiful, and true

    Thanks, joebec.
    Raising girls can sometimes be like riding a tornado…
    I just got thrown is all.


  2. do i sense a part of being a parent here? if so, the being young part pegs it…if not i apologise and hope it all sorts itself out whatever it is 🙂

    In time, Mum, in time.
    And yeah, it’s definitely a parent thing.
    The title of the post is an instant messaging term.


  3. Who and what set you off today? Don’t answer!

    If you want the sordid details, let me know.
    This was supposed to be posted last night but I couldn’t upload a photo.
    Drats! I hate when that happens.


  4. Oh boy, I sense you’ve just got bitten quite badly by a rugrat. It happens to all of us…the pain does subside, but the hurt lingers on for awhile. NOthing helps but time and the knowledge that we were once young and ignorant and callous. Those that love us the most can hurt us the deepest. Alert! Group hug!

    ‘Bitten’ is a good word for it.
    Group hug accepted.


  5. oh my, sounds like the joys of parenting are coming to the fore. of course you know you are the center of their world, don’t you? you should.

    The ‘joys of parenting’…
    Ahh, what’s wrong with that picture? 😉
    No one said it would be easy but. . .


  6. Words are a dangerous thing. It’s sad how easy it can be to say things to family that we’d never dream of saying to anyone else on the entire planet. I know I’ve said things to both of my “parent over shoulder” in the past that I regretted deeply the moment they came out of my mouth, because I knew what I said ripped them apart. It was always humbling, though, because they’d still continued to love me just as much, even though I’d hurt them like no one else could have even done.

    Love, forgiveness and patience are beautiful gifts, and like all gifts they cost the giver much but the recipient nothing at all. I hope the recipient of yours will learn how to appreciate them, even if she doesn’t now.


    *personal reply sent


  7. I dread these sorta days. BTW, you’re not a POS.

    As far as POS, I am a ‘parent over shoulder‘.
    As for the other POS, I’d like to agree with you.


  8. This is exactly how I feel in raising my teenaged daughter very often. So well expressed. It’s like you read my mind. It’s pathetically comforting to know the feeling can be universal. We forgive them, though, for they know not what they do. They still see themselves as young, unaccountable, and ineffective, and us still as so above whatever they can dish out. The arrogance is just their false bravado, and the insults their only real weapon.

    The insight of readers such as yourself continue to amaze me.
    Most of you just seem to get it.
    Glad I could put it into words.


  9. Michael….not much more to say that hasn’t been said here already is there? I hope that things have sorted themselves out for you, and that your easter is a happy one buddy. Lord knows you deserve it.


  10. I’ve been meaning to drop a comment off on this one. Nothing profound for me to say Michael, but I wanted to let you know that the words you used to express the emotion behind this post were not only well chosen, but beautiful. I’ve read it several times, still good. Kim

    As always, a compliment like this from you means alot to me.
    Thanks, Kim.


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