Google or God?

Just a tidbit of info just given to me by my good friend DB.
If you don’t know about this cell phone perk already, you should.
Want to know the phone number for a friend? A restaurant? A pizza joint?
Ask God or even easier ask Google.
Here’s an example of how it works: Text ‘Hard Rock Cafe Nashville TN‘ to
46645 (Googl)
and tell me what you get back in @15 seconds.
Neato, huh?
I actually put the number in my contacts to make it even easier.
The cost is one text message.
Very hip.
Very cool.
So, Google or God?
Ultimately, I guess it depends on the query.
Have a serene Monday folks.
Over and out. . .



5 thoughts on “Google or God?

  1. I’ll be this doesn’t work from our phones!! Not that I’m trying, my rates are good for domestic charges, shitouse for intl ones!
    Cheers, Kelly

    It’s pretty cool.
    If you do try it keep me posted. I’m curious if it works in Australia.


  2. I’m not sure I even understand what you mean. My brain fog is particularly dense today…I have used google for phone numbers for a long time though. Is that what you mean? Maybe it’s the text message thing that confuses me because I don’t have text message capability on my phone…or I’m too dumb to figure it out, which is probably more possible. Jeez, I sound like I’ve been drinking anabel’s coffee. Sorry for the ramble.

    Oh, boy.
    Basically, you have to know how to send a text message before you can use this perk.
    Find any 15-17 year old girl that you know and she’ll show you how to send a text message in less than five minutes.
    It would be much easier than trying to explain it.
    Once you know how to text, this should make more sense.
    With my daughters, I’m a texting machine.
    They’ve taught me well.

    btw- my blog is still a wicked spam magnet, how’s by you?


  3. Let’s put it this way – if all the spam I got were legitimate hits I’d be closing in on 50K. Bastards! Or as you say in Bahston -Baahstads! 😉

    I saw a booze delivery truck the other day that advertised Maker’s Mark.
    It had a picture of a tipped bottle and splashed on the side was ‘Makaah’s Maak’
    Only in Boston…


  4. As far as the 411 goes, it could be cool to get numbers, but didn’t we have the capability to do that anyway? The thing that disturbs me about this is that I don’t want just anyone to have the ability to text google for my personal cell/phone number. If I wanted them to have it, I’d have given it to them. At least I think I’m understanding this right, they could google to the number and find the phone number right? Maybe I’m just paranoid; but I know the people who come hell or high water have found my numbers anyway, they don’t need any help if you know what I’m saying. Anabel

    You’re safe as far as a cell number goes but if you’re in the phone book anyone can get that.
    I believe you’re texting a computer, not an actual person. I could be wrong but that’s how I think it works.
    It’s all automated in terms of messages sent and received.
    Might check into that.
    I can see you’ve really thought about this.
    As far as technology goes sometimes you just have to go with what feels right.
    I now understand where you’re coming from on this.
    Thanks for following up.


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