9 thoughts on “Picture This

  1. LOL!! Love it…
    I’m off to play catchup. If I get lost come looking ok?!

    Looks like you’re doing just fine.
    Drink alot of coffee!
    Actually, drop some coffee beans along the way.
    I just know you’ll make it back…


  2. big word so late in the night michael? 😉
    love it though…made me giggle

    Actually, with the time difference, I think I posted this at @9pm on Sunday night.
    And big word? Nah.
    Tell me what this is: Chargoggagoggmanchaugagoggchaubunagungamaugg
    Are you surprised I’ve known what this word means for over 40 years? 😉
    Now that’s a bigass word. 😉


  3. Wait, where’s the picture? Ohhh I get it. Took me a while. Haha 😀
    Nice “Picture”


    I thought that maybe you’d really connect with this one, no? 😉


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