Black & White

Can you imagine a world without it?
I could have lived without ever hearing “Ebony & Ivory”.
How about you?



11 thoughts on “Black & White

  1. ~m, Watch out old Gene may be lurking around the corner 😉

    Funny you should mention that.
    The other day someone commented on Crap
    For kicks, I clicked on Geno’s link. He deleted his blog.
    Just as well. It sucked.


  2. Geez,I’m surprised at the news about Gene I think he had the only post about your blog Oh Well ya struck a nerve he got on his soapbox and moved on 😉

    He’s in a better place. I guess.


  3. That’s what I get for being out of the loop (referring to this Gene character).

    As for Ebony & Ivory, that stupid song is now going through my head. Now, I’m going to have to chase it away.

    All you have to do Deb is read THIS


  4. nothing to do with this post, but we’re up and running at home…finally…watch for 100 posts in double quick time 😆
    will catch up on all i’ve missed throughout the week, including this one

    All of us miss you and Kel.
    I’ll welcome you home later…you must have a lot to do. 😉
    Wonderful to see ‘Amum’ show up in my comments.


  5. Good graphic – I’d like to imagine a world without it. I’m not sure we’ll see it end in our lifetimes though.

    Yeah, I could have done without the song too.

    I loved the graphic as well.
    The musical metaphor is brilliant (unlike the damn song)


  6. Seems I’ve missed something with the Gene thing too!!
    p.s love the pic

    No, you didn’t miss much. His name came up in a comment is all.
    I found out that he deleted his blog.


  7. Michael, am I really dense? I looked up the lyrics for the song (because I didn’t really remember them) and I don’t see what’s so bad about it. Are you opposed to the labels “ebony” and “ivory?” Are you opposed to all people living in harmony? Or are you just opposed to songs which bring up the subject (in which case, why did you even bring it up?)

    Not dense Lolly, just reading into this post a bit deeper than I though you would.
    I’ve hated the song Ebony and Ivory ever since it came out.
    And no, I can’t say the same about people living in harmony.
    I asked that you imagine a world where racism doesn’t exist. Tough one.
    I’m also not opposed to songs that address the problem as long as they’re written intelligently.
    And no, I didn’t bring it up I just posted a picture that I thought would make people think a little bit.
    Obviously, the pic did just that.
    Whew, this is turning into a post all by itself.


  8. This is really bugging me, now. And I’m going to have to wait all day, maybe longer, before I get an answer from you. 😉

    You got an answer, baby!
    When I work all day it’s tough to log in and post a reply.
    Sorry you had to wait.


  9. Lolly I am with you, the lyrics aren’t bad, but for some reason the way it’s sung and my music has always gotten my back up. In my opinion it distracts from the lyrics in a bad way. Can’t speak for ~m but at least this gives an option to help you through the day 🙂 .

    That’s basically where I am regarding E&I.
    I never really liked the song itself.
    The lyrics were interesting but the whole thing has to work in order for me to enjoy listening to it.


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