I will continue to remember you,
Like I always do
Please watch over me,
Like you always used to
I’m missing you, Mom
79 years, if. . .




10 thoughts on “If

  1. these were my thoughts on the 18th but of course nowhere to post..
    the “if” would have been 71 though…sweet post 🙂

    Hard to believe another year has come and gone.
    I wish you’d told me about the 18th.
    What are friends for? 😉
    Nice to heart from you, Moe.


  2. Happy Birthday indeed. She is alive in your memory Michael. That is very special indeed.

    She is very much alive.
    It’s funny the things that remind me of her.
    They usually take me by surprise.


  3. Very touching. I wish I had something grand to say, but I don’t.

    I think she’s still able to touch people’s lives, because she touched you greatly, and you’re able to touch the lives of people around you, Michael — some of whom you’ve never even met — and through you and the things you share about her, she’s able to affect us, too.


    Once again, a deep and wonderful thought.
    The good of the soul never really dies.


  4. what a sweet post, you have me crying again. The rose looks beautiful on the grey color, your remembrance of your mums soul is touching me. what more can I say? thank you

    Awww, I didn’t want to make anyone cry.
    I’m glad that this moved you though.
    I like to think it was more my mom’s spirit that moved you.
    She was such a great lady.
    Thanks for the warm comment. Much appreciated.


  5. Michael, I have 2 sons that I’m very close to. I told them, that when I go,,,,,don’t think a silly thing like death will keep us apart. I will be with them always. Maybe the body dies, but love never dies.
    She must have been a wonderful mother, bet she was real proud of you.

    I love very thoughtful comments.
    I agree 100%; love never dies, nor should it.
    I like to think she was proud of me.
    Thanks, Matty.


  6. Beautiful, Michael, absolutely beautiful!
    I’m sure your mom was very proud of you, Pam and your beautiful girls!

    Tanks, Lynn.


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