Somehow I don’t believe Karen Carpenter ever thought of ‘Close to You’
being performed quite like this.
IMHO, it’s fascinating, actually.
It’s the tune on acid.
A video clip from the movie MirrorMask.



13 thoughts on “Close2U

  1. “…Sprinkled starlight in your eyes of crude.” LOL This was eerily interesting!

    Funny. That one got by me.
    The minute I read your comment it clicked.
    Eeerily interesting?
    I definitely thought so. Love the arrangement too.


  2. I love the imagery and ideas throughout that film, though I think the acting and dialogue in the real world occasionally seems really flat and wooden. It lets it down a little.

    Though it is set in Brighton, which means I recognise the sea front. Woo.

    (I have yet to see the robot Carpenter Dressmakers though…that would be weird)

    I never saw the movie, though I may think about renting it now.
    This vid was just weird enough to grab my attention.
    It had a real (or surreal) Danny Elfman/Tim Burton kind of feel to it.
    I love skittering around YouTube. Think I’m hooked.


  3. Hm, it’s Saturday morning and yet that song made me just want to go back to bed and sleep. It’s so soft, couldn’t help but thinking of a lullaby performance.
    Guess I am also going to the movie store to check this out.

    Interesting, SP.
    A lullabye, huh? Hmmm, I kinda like that.
    It does have a surreal quality to it.


  4. Wow, that was like the Borgs go Broadway or something. Burt Bacharach must be crying out in pain at the rest home. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Actually, I’d like to think BB would be impressed his tune has so much longevity.
    That it ‘fit’ in this scenario is a testament to a well-written song.
    Although it was never one of my favorites.


  5. Quite possibly the weirdest video I have ever seen, in my life. But She does look better at the end rather than at the beginning. Quite strange overall. ๐Ÿ˜Ž


    Quite strange is right!
    I love her eyes at the end…


  6. I once saw a short film in class, it was the story of the Carpenters and they were portrayed by barbie dolls, this was almost as weird as that. Too funny.

    I’d love to see that film.
    Sounds like a bad drug trip. ๐Ÿ˜Ž


  7. I actually liked this! although it did kind of sound like some ads I’ve seen on the telly also using this song…..

    Something about this caught my eye.
    I still watch it ocassionally.


  8. That was weird. I was a little afraid for her that they were going to do something devious. Maybe they did, I donno. Worth watching?

    Maybe this is what Salvadore Dali’s dreams looked like.

    Dali’s dreams?
    What a vivid comment.
    Thanks, WR…


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