It’s like an old heartbroken wish, granted
Sacred as a child’s prayer,

A crystal whisper of innocence and vulnerability
long forgotten on the barren playgrounds of a time remembered;
A back and forth parallel crescent, indelible and perpetual

Awakening a slight truth
That is still left in me
Like the painful longing for a child lost to an endless night. . .


6 thoughts on “Crescent

  1. Dear Mr. Bad Sneaker, I absolutely adored the place that this took me to in my mind. Very beautiful and since I believe you are also a musician, you will understand when I say that I felt a melody behind this. You captured this moment well for I was able to share it with you. Thanks for that. ~KIM

    I appreciate this comment very much.
    And yes, there was a melody in there somewhere.
    Whenever I write this rambling sort of prose, I listen to music.
    This piece was written listening to “The River”, a dark, beautiful piano/cello piece by Ketil Bjornstad.
    Again, thanks so much for the comment.


  2. Sort of like still praying for just one day when nobody suffers?

    Such phrases, Michael! If you haven’t yet, read my post dated 3/23/07. 😉

    I have the feeling that people will take from this what they need.
    Does that make sense?
    It means something very different to me, but maybe that’s what it’s all about.
    I will check out the post later tonight or tomorrow.
    Thanks, Lolly.


  3. I am not sure I can catch up with you from where you wrote this, but it has to be a very special place.
    It’s beautiful.

    It is a beautiful place, albeit painfully sad and bittersweet.
    Thanks, SP.
    I always appreciate a comment from someone whose work I admire.


  4. I LOVE THE PICTURE!!! Its a waxing crescent. We are studying the phases of the moon in science class. Fun, fun. Nice poem. =)


    A waxing crescent. Hmmm, I like that.
    Thank for reading daughter of mine… 😉


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