A Fiver from Mr. Crippens

The following is a meme I saw at Alabaster Crippens blog and thought it looked like fun and found it oddly creative.
It’s all about what someone wants to know about you.
It’s revealing and quite personal and the charming Mr. Crippens has graciously come up with five fascinating questions.
For those of you that visit me on a regular basis you may think you know how I’ll answer…then again, maybe not.
Be sure to visit ‘Alabaster Crippens Doesn’t Know What’s Going On’ for one hell of a ride.
Now onto the questions. . .

1. When were the last time you cried and the last time you laughed? (I mean really cried and really laughed…a proper belly laugh)

The last time I really cried was the day of my mother’s funeral.
Emotionally, I was fine at the wake and hell; I gigged the night she died.
Knowing her as I did she would have wanted the show to go on.
I learned of her passing on the way to my gig. Read ‘Angel’.
I was doing alright at the church until afterwards when we walked outside into the bright July sunshine.
That’s when I heard ‘Danny Boy’ being played by bagpipes.
That lonely and haunting song on such a day opened up the faucets for me.
I cried for myself, a father who was too far gone mentally to even attend, my wife and daughters for all they’d been through and witnessed.
But most of all I cried for a special woman that didn’t deserve the biological fate that consumed her heart and soul before leaving behind a duplicate husk for us to remember her by.

I was watching TV several weeks ago when I clicked on a stand-up comedian named
Jim Gaffigan.
Usually, I watch for a few minutes before moving on to the Food Network hoping Giada DiLaurentis is doing something creative like jello wrestling with kittens.
But Gaffigan floored me and delivered multiple belly laughs so I continued to watch.
The routine was called “Beyond the Pale” and had me almost crying. (my wife, too)
After the show was over I figured I’d check ITunes to see if they had anything by this guy. Turns out they had the audio for ‘Pale’, the show I’d just watched.
I think I pulled a groin muscle leaping up to get out my credit card.

2. What do you value most in your marriage?

This is difficult simply because there are a vast number of appropriate answers that fit.
If I had to choose one thing it would be the fact that we are each other’s best friend.
We embrace the notion of compromise in our marriage, the day to day ‘give and take’ that any successful marriage must have in order to survive.
On my wife’s behalf I will say that over the years she’s had more to contend with regarding my life. I’m a creative being which makes me moody and a general pain in the ass sometimes, but every time I need her, I turn around and she’s there.
I’ve come to believe that’s what friends do.

3. Your house is on fire…you’re the only one inside…what do you grab before you run outside?

I’m thinking this is the easiest of all the questions. I’d take our three cats: Sherlock, Opus and Guinness. If I had no cats the only thing that comes to mind are a set of rosary beads that once belonged to my grandfather (Mom’s side). They’re archaic but stunning.

4. Would you rather be deaf or blind?

I’ll take ‘blind’ for 1000, Mr. Crippens.
Seriously, if I were deaf this is a partial list of sounds I would never have the chance to hear:
* my wife’s voice
* my daughter’s laughing
* the words “I love you”
* music
* thunder
* the ocean
* the wind
* the sound of rain
* a cat’s purr
* Michael McDonald’s voice
* birds
And on and on and on, ad nauseum
I don’t think I’d be a very happy camper, do you?

5. How would you like to be remembered?

There are the obvious things; a good husband, a fair and loving Dad, a dear friend that was always willing to listen.
I want people to smile at my wake and say, remember when Michael did this or Michael did that…
I would want people to feel their lives were changed (for the better) in some small way because of me.
I hope people will smile if they see a bumper sticker on my casket that reads:
‘Promoted to Subterranean Truffle Inspector’
Hopefully, they’ll laugh and say, “Man, he was nuts.”

~m (atilde)

ps. {AC, the post pic is especially for you. . . grinning}


11 thoughts on “A Fiver from Mr. Crippens

  1. I enjoyed reading over your answers. I’d grab my cats, too, if my house was on fire. If I didn’t have any cats, I think I’d grab my laptop.


    I don’t own a laptop. Maybe someday. . .


  2. Thanks for the answers (and for the picture….how did you know?).

    I’m totally with you on the blind thing by the way…adjusting to being blind would be a bugger, but losing all those sounds would be a little bit of hell (possibly a big bit). Thanks muchly for humouring me.

    This was a lot of fun.
    I thank you for including me.


  3. Even Helen Keller, when asked which sense she would rather have restored, if possible, chose hearing over sight. I’m glad I don’t have to choose.

    Me, too.


  4. I suppose that I am mostly a visual person. I would not wish to lose my sight. I would hate to face a world with no sunrise or sunset.

    I believe I would have the ability to ‘see’ a sunrise or a sunset.
    It’s a bit of a leap of faith for me to say that but that’s how I feel.
    Interesting. I would never opt for the deaf option.


  5. Michael, Great Meme! Very thought provoking! I lost total hearing in my right ear due to a viral infection and a doctor who didn’t think it was important at the time. He said its just a cold, it will pass. Now that I only have the use of the left ear, I worry about losing the little hearing I have left. Not to hear my grandkids voices in the morning,,,,or their laughter…..would surely kill me.
    I went to Jim Gaffigan’s site and I will order his dvd, because I need to ‘laugh out loud, with drool and snot coming out of my face’. I need to hold my stomach and yell, stop it, stop it……..now that kinda laugh,,,I haven’t had in awhile. I hope Jim Gaffigan can fill the bill.. I need to laugh till it hurts, I need to wake up the next day and feel my sore ribcage, and think, what the hell was that? We do need to laugh more.

    Go to my daughter’s blog and check THIS out.
    Sorry about the your right ear. No stereo? Bummer.
    Maybe Gaffigan can get you to ‘laugh’ it open.
    Enjoy and let me know how you like it.


  6. Surprisingly, I wasn’t surprised by your answers. I knew you would definitely opt for sound over vision – your being a musician and all, that was a no brainer. Though I’d opt for the visual – never seeing a sunset, a rainbow, the mountains, a baby’s smile, my goofy dog – I think I couldn’t bear that.

    I did think though on the fire question that you would grab either photo albums or your journals.


    To be honest, my journals would probable get me killed.
    Besides, it’s just writing. There’s lot’s more where that came from.
    Come to think of it, our photo albums would do the same thing.
    Three girls = mucho pictures.
    The cats were a definite for me and an easy answer.
    I will say I’m surprised with the results of deaf/blind question.


  7. hmmmm…sight or hearing? the sight would win out for me….i love the sound of my children’s and grandchildren’s voices, but to never see them again before i die? nah, couldn’t live with that…hard choice however…..as to what i would take from the house, well, the few things i have of my mum’s would win hands down without a doubt..photos would be a close second…the rest could burn, they’re only things…i can get more things… how would i like to be remembered…so long as i WAS remembered would be sufficient..as for the others, i laugh every single day (a belly laugh), cried yesterday (not saying why)..my marriage? honesty and trust are worth more than anything, however there are many, many answers, i just don’t want to post in your comments (nice to be back by the way) 🙂

    I find it amazing that many people would choose to be deaf.
    It’s no surprise to me that particular question was already answered before I even got to it.
    I’m sure it has alot to do with the fact that I play music but it still astounds me.
    I’m laughing here because I’m trying to catch up with all the comments you and Kel have left me.
    Yikes! It is nice to see you guys back on board.


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