“The Year Zero” is a new album by Nine Inch Nails.
It was inspired by a daydream Trent Reznor had about the end of the world (which takes place in 2022)
What the hell does this guy eat for lunch anyway?
YZ is a concept album that is far too complicated to even attempt to explain here.
It seems like a game of ‘Clue on Glue’ set to a seething and throbbing Techno/Alternative musical background.
I found a very strange website that contains, among other things, several MP3’s from the new album.
I’ve yet to give them a listen so it’s at your own risk.
This appears to be an intentional internet leak, I presume.
But be warned, Reznor’s apocalyptic vision is disturbing on many levels.
It’s also intensely creative.
If this sounds interesting, click the pic above.
While you’re there check out a few of the links and download a tune.


I downloaded these songs:

*My Violent Heart
*Me, I’m not
*In This Twilight

I should add that they sounded incredible.
Pure NIN.

11 thoughts on “2022

  1. Well, I was willing to give it a listen. The ‘tune’ I clicked on was not music – sounded more like BBC or NPR commentary, then there was some dude speaking spanish for a while and then more commentary.

    Not sure how one can attribute this to music. But I have to be honest – generally I really don’t like most of the ‘message’ stuff out there – it seems more like forcing a view down your throat than a message anyway.

    But hey – it’s always fun to expand your horizons and check stuff out, right?

    Sent you an email. Thank for at least checking it out.
    I realize it’s not for everyone.


  2. Trent Reznor is, and always has been, fascinating and brilliant with both his lyrics and music abilities. I haven’t clicked on the link yet but I’m sure I won’t be disapointed when I do.

    I was very impressed with the tracks I downloaded and will buy the album.
    Classic NIN.


  3. I am unfortunately one of those people who can’t get DSL because of a out in the sticks issue so I couldn’t really tell. I’ll have to wait like all of the other quasi-normal people I guess. OH WELL! ANABEL (See how I rhymed that? Perhaps I could be a poet)

    If you like NIN, just buy the album. Trust me on this one.
    Get DSL as soon as you can. Makes all the difference in the world.
    Dial-up B-L-O-W-S.
    I thank you for the link, as well.
    I will return the favor as soon as I answer my comments…


  4. I really like the ‘My Violent Heart track. That’s definitely some spicy stuff. Sounding like a culmination of the best elements of some of his earlier material (as energetic as Pretty Hate Machine, as powerful as The Fragile…I like). I thought the single (with a nice video) is a bit lame though. Like he’s trying to cover something off PHM and missing the mark.
    I never heard With Teeth, but I’m looking forward to this now. I like concept albums, but I think it isn’t necessarily as heavily ‘message’ as WC suggests. Industrial and post-apocalypticism go hand in hand…but yeah….never going to be everyone’s cup of tea.
    What was I saying?
    Oh yeah…thanks for pointing me in that direction.

    Violent Heart is full of the static ambient noise I’ve grown to love listening to NIN.
    Pick up ‘With Teeth‘. Good, not great but for any NIN fan it’s really worthy of a good listen.
    I visited your blog tonight and am blogrolling you simply because your blog is so unique. And I like it.
    Thanks for visiting me again, AC…


  5. I love Trent for so many reasons. I cannot wait to hear the new stuff. You know he’s from PA right?? Most all creative geniuses come from PA. I said MOST! I saw NIN with David Bowie once. Left the concert before Bowie even showed up. I know seems like a sacrilege.

    Alright, that’s it!
    I hate you now.
    NIN and Bowie?
    Damn. Why the hell didn’t you call me?
    Sacreligious? Ayup.
    How was NIN? I’m thinking awesome.
    Oh, man…


  6. I love that man’s voice. I bought his last album “With Teeth”. The somehow the CD got all scratched to hell and skips constantly. I’m devastated. Will have to buy a new one I guess. He’s far ahead of his time and a seriously messed up dude. Therefore I’m totally attacted to him. Go figure.

    Far ahead of his time? I totally agree.
    I could email you ‘With Teeth’ but it would take a few days to download…


  7. I like some of NIN’s earlier stuff, such as “Closer.” This album will have to grow on me, I think.

    Did you download any tunes?
    Good stuff. I think.


  8. I’ve been listening to these today. It’s not bad. 🙂
    I do like his voice. Sexy whispers.

    Yeah, Reznor does have that ‘sexy’ thing in his voice now that you mention it.
    I’m usually more interested in the lyrics and background urban cacaphony that ensues.
    Glad you checked it out.


  9. I downloaded “Closer.” However, after listening to the new songs last night, I realized that I need to make another virtual trip to iTunes. 😉

    Evil Itunes…8-)


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