7 thoughts on “CatLove

  1. I could make a real nasty comment on this but I’ll be good just use your imagination {mind in the gutter}

    Gutterboy. That’s you. 😉
    I wanted to tag this post with ‘pussylove’ just to see what kind of hits it would get but I refrained.
    Maybe next time.
    Thanks, Gutterboy.


  2. Yep! We know that look well (X3). It’s that look after they land themselves onto a lap, the purr motor gets revved up and the “happy claws” come out.

    Love them Happy Claws…


  3. M.. People go to places like the Magic Lantern and pay $20 to get a lap dance from a {cat} in the V.I.P. Room 😛

    Oh, you’re a sick bastard. That’s why I like you.
    Where’s your blogroll, baby?
    I blogrolled you!
    Link some people Goddamn It!
    Double Yoiks!


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