Running the numbers

Found an amazing site run by Chris Jordan.
It’s a bit hard to explain but if you look at the picture above you’re actually looking at
125,000 one-hundred dollar bills ($12.5 million), the amount our government spends every hour on the war in Iraq.
Click on Benjamin above and see some incredible sights.
As stated, the artwork on the site was intended to be seen in person to have the impact with which it was intended.
Either way, it blew me away.
I’m curious about you.



7 thoughts on “Running the numbers

  1. I was blown away more by the statistics than the artwork. You’re right in that it was intended to be seen in person. I wonder how Chris got the shading effects to make Benjamin Franklin, since currency is (to the best of my knowledge) uniform.

    The stats are a bit numbing.
    But I bet my eyeteeth that in person the artwork would eclipse the stats exponentially in terms of intensity.


  2. Good God! Mind-boggling…speechless…amazing…..appalling…..just ‘WOW’!

    I never thought about ‘appalling’ but that’s a great adjective for this.


  3. The pics are kind of cool – but I don’t believe the first stat for a second. At least I’d like to see an accounting first.

    Which stat are we talking about? Painkillers?


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