Organic Skywalker

When produce goes bad and technology documents it.
Hysterical Star Wars spoof.
You gotta love talking vegetables.

ps. watch for Maniac (II) in the next day or two…  😉


8 thoughts on “Organic Skywalker

  1. Michael,
    You cannot appease us with veggies! It won’t work…. Where’s the beef? eh? I could have slept in………but no…..I rush to the computer….and what do I get? tired veggies and a politician’s promise.
    This won’t do,.I tell you!
    Your fans want the rest of the story! Did I say fans? I mean the belligerent mob outside of your window! And we know you’re in there!
    You cannot leave us hanging like this!!!
    Hey, I’m all alone here,,,,,,,,where’s the mob when you’re looking for one?? Bunch of milksops!

    Oh, Matty.
    If you knew the kind of weekend I had you’d understand why I haven’t had time to write anything.
    I promise by Wednesday. . .


  2. That was so cool. Whenever I see these Youtube thingis I begin to feel old and scared….. I might have to teach my children on day on how to make their youtube movies……..
    Great find Michael….. Happy organic Weekend…. SP

    Backatcha, SP…


  3. Obie Wan Cannoli one of my favorite things 😛
    M.. Have you ever visited Wholly Cannoli on Grafton St.
    The Largest selection of cannoli on the East Coast. They have one called the dynamite stick it is cannoli cream on the inside with carmel
    and then coated with chocolate like a klodike bar with the crunch topping Yummmm!

    Bet there’s zero calories in those bad boys.


  4. Oh, I’m sorry Michael! So they did throw you in the klink for the weekend?

    No, really, I’m sorry you had a bad weekend. I hope your week is much better! Hope it was nothing too drastic.

    No need for an apology. And it wasn’t a bad weekend.
    Actually, the klink would have been a bit more restful, methinks.
    Saturday was a 21 hour day which is a bit long for me.
    When I was 25 it was no problem. These days, however, are a different story.
    I was in bed last night at 8:30… 😉
    Feeling better today.


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