Boy Wonders

Enough time for a quick picture today.
Ahh, the innocence and curiousity of youth.
It’s a beautiful thing, ain’t it?
Have a wonderful Thoysday, people…


8 thoughts on “Boy Wonders

  1. You know I saw this on Fox News Channel and there is an interesting story about the young lady in the picture. Seems this photo turned up on a greeting card and she happened to be in a store I want to say KMart and saw the card. The interesting part is that she is the little girl, and had no idea where they got the picture.

    And here I am just thinking it’s funny.


  2. Is this you and your twin Sister Moe you trying to see what the difference was between you two j/k 😛

    You’ve no idea how close to the truth that comment is.
    I’ll tell you about it someday.


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