Rachmaninoff’s hands

It has been said that Rachmaninoff had enormous hands.
Judging from the pieces I’ve tried to play over the years (with limited success), I would have to agree.
The guy must have had mitts like the Jolly Green Giant.
Could Sergei palm a basketball?
Could Magic Johnson play the Prelude in C-Sharp Minor?
Definitely not.
Check this guy out.
It’s not Sergei but he’s creative as all hell.
Thanks to Dawn for sending the link.


8 thoughts on “Rachmaninoff’s hands

  1. Like a modern day Victor Borge – remember him? Funny.

    Oh, God, do I remember Borge. Talented guy.
    There was a concert where a female singer asked him to follow her.
    She began moving around the stage as she sang with Borge ‘following’ her pushing a grand piano.


  2. I have to be honest, the video took too long to buffer and at work where the connection is dynamite fast i don’t have speakers so i’m screwed either way, so i’ll have to believe those who did manage to see it 😦

    on another note i see chaotic soul has been given the boot again? if you ever wondered why i spend so much time here, that’s the reason…it’s like going on holidays everyday…the ever revolving door of the enigmatic ~m’s theme and header…i never know what i’m going to find on any given day…
    not unlike my avatar really 😆

    As my grandfather always said to me, “you got ants in your pants.” I can’t sit still.
    I guess I’m a sucker for new themes even if it is short lived. And I am forever in search of the perfect header. 😉
    Too bad about the video. Strange thing is that this is a fairly short video compared to things I’ve posted in the past.
    Re-boot your computer and give it another go. I think it’s worth it.


  3. the connection has been slow for a few days and it’s starting to drive me nuts…but i’ll give it a go..
    as for the header, well, i’m not convinced there is a “perfect” header…what seems good one day seems bland and boring the next…i for one like the ever changing scenery…adds character 🙂

    Like pipe tobacco, there will never be something called ‘perfect’. . .


  4. That’s hilarious!! I can play the piano minimally but his remedy for small hand issues!!

    You do know what they say about guys with big hands right? They can really play the piano!!!

    My hands are huge… {not!}


  5. Oh, that was great! it took me a minute before I realized he was using those tools because his hands weren’t big enough.

    Uh-oh! That sounds naughty….

    Does sound naughty, huh? {lol}


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